Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest Running Man - Episode 91

Argh! Due to internet outage at my home, I'm unable to catch up on the new Running Man this week. Anyway, the new episode is now available at KShowNow. Click on the image to be redirected to the show page. Last Sunday's episode didn't feature any guests and it's a revisit to the time when Yoo Jae Suk was the first ever spy in Running Man exactly 1 year before. The theme was 'The Return of Yoomes Bond'. I'll update this post with my after thoughts once I'm able to watch it. My after thoughts are after the break. Enjoy!

This week's episode I thought was a bit messy. You placed the running men around Songdo, just to catch them all together again, then separate them in cells around the building, then let them escape, but not out when they get caught, made Jae Suk the Spy, had to spray the others with dye, yet the men won't be eliminated immediately. One thing that returned also was the concept of locking them in a building and the winner gets to leave. It would've made it even cooler if the guards had the power to rip their tags off. That'll make them really try to run away from the guards. Or they should've made Jae Suk rip their tags off and immediately eliminate them. But then again, that would make it similar to past episodes. Hopefully then can come up with fresh ideas, like the Running Man in Wonderland episode. Let me know if you liked the episode. Thanks.

What did you think of Running Man Episode 91?

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