Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Latest Running Man - Episode 95

Running Man returns this week with appearances by the members of Sistar, 4 members of MBLAQ and football star Park Ji-Sung. This week's episode is part of a 3 episode special featuring the Man U star that will culminate with the hosts and Park Ji-Sung going to Thailand in conjunction with the Asian Dream Cup happening there. It has a Mission Impossible like theme and the hosts needs to look for additional Running Men. Check out the episode by clicking on the image and come back soon for my review of the episode after the break. Enjoy!

The minute this episode started, I couldn't stop laughing. The ex-secret agent angle is so hilarious you just know it will be a great episode. Kwang Soo provided the most laughter for me in the first mission with his ostrich disguise. Haha. The episode was star-studded as well with appearance by Sistar, MBLAQ and Park Ji-Sung. I knew there would be a twist to the Sistar challenge as it was gonna be impossible to catch them with all the hosts tied together. Watching them struggle was also funny. The feel-choke-cross team was smart this week for tricking the other hosts of the item in the briefcase. Jong Kook nearly fell for it. They were so close to winning it, if only Jae Suk didn't blurt out about the phone to Jong Kook and Ji Hyo. I think next week's episode features IU so I can't wait for tht! Great episode!