New K-Pop - Sexy, Free & Single by Super Junior

Been really really lazy lately. Perhaps work is bringing me down. Anyway, one of the biggest idol groups, Super Junior, has released a new song and album. It's called Sexy, Free & Single. It certainly has that unique Super Junior sound in the vines of Bonamana and Mr. Simple. I didn't instantly like it but after a few listen, it's actually catchy. Expect this to hit number one on various music chart shows. Enjoy the video and lyrics!

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Best of the Best - Running Man Episode 27

Here's an episode aired early 2011. I liked this episode as I thought this was the best "Find the Guest" mission in which the Running Men came close to catching the guest but ended up losing in the end. There was also the Guess the Drawing relay in which the hosts and guests show off their (terrible!) drawing skills. Hilarious! The last mission was the less interesting one as all they had to do was perform a musical number to the music of ABBA and choreography of Gee. It was ok but a little too long. Glad they got rid of the One Chance mission. Enjoy!

New K-Pop - Loving U by Sistar (씨스타)

I haven't been enjoying the new releases since my last New K-Pop post. Simply 'cause I didn't find the new songs by f(x) (never heard a song I liked from them), Jo Kwon (his solo style is way different than 2AM) or Busker Busker (I'm actually still enjoying their 1st album) were any good, or maybe not yet from my intial listen. Any other recommendations? This new one from Sistar, released just a few days ago, is actually not bad. A fun song to be enjoyed over the summer season. I have to warn you though, the video is quite an eyeful ;). But then again, it's Sistar. Enjoy! Lyrics after the break.

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