Where to Eat? Goodsaltz, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Saturday nights are usually family night outs for me. I'd go back to my parents' and we all go out to eat around town. Last night, we decided to try out a new place called Goodsaltz. Not sure if it's from any franchise but the place does look like it could be coming from one with its beautiful and inviting environment.

Goodsaltz is located at the Curve replacing the lot that was occupied by Garden restaurant. The decord in itself is simple with a combination of wood and steel containments we see common in cafes around town. The prices of the food I would say is mid-range, slightly cheaper than Chili's and TGIF in terms of family dining restaurants.

Let's start with drinks first. Besides the usual coffee, tea and juices, they do have mocktails, shakes and ice blended as well. My sister ordered the Blackcurrant Lychee while my younger sister ordered the Cranberry Lime. Those were my first 2 choices. Hehe. I didn't want to order the same thing so I decided to try the Tutti Fruitti. Sort of like a fruit punch soda which I enjoyed. The others looked refreshing as well.

Tutti FruittiCranberry LimeBlackcurrant Lychee
Ok. So this is the trend I'm following now when I dine with my family. I'd order nothing or something light and eat off of what the others ordered because they usually don't finish their food. In this case, my family asked me to order the Rocket Salad. Afraid that I'd somehow didn't get to satisfy my hunger, I ordered the Chicken Tenders from the Appetizer menu as well. The Chicken Tender were chicken meat wrapped with bacon and deep fried. I thought it was good. Even the chicken by itself was enough. For 1 person, it actually can make up a meal as there's about 4 pieces served. The Rocket Salad was ok. I guess the cheese sprinkles and salmon hid the dislike I had for that type of salad. My mum finished the rest.

Chicken Tenders
Rocket Salad
My sis ordered the Big Papa which is a full blown burger with multiple ingredients in between the buns. Let's see. There's the slice of house-made burger patty, then there's a layer of beef bacons, sunny side up egg and a variety of salad. It's served with more salad and baked cheese fries on the side. My sister only managed to eat the beef patty and egg while I gobbled up the rest. The burger itself was huge but didn't offer anything new. I liked the concept of the baked cheese fries. It added a delicious texture to the average fries.

Big Papa
Big Papa
Mum ordered the Nasi Platter. It's actually Pineapple Rice topped with sunny side up egg, veges, chicken satay with special anchovies sauce and a choice of fish fillet or spiced chicken (Ayam berempah). The version mum took was with spiced chicken. The rice was rich in flavor but the chicken I would say tasted just like the Nasi Bojari chicken from Madam Kwan. Maybe needed more spice. I didn't find anything interesting about the anchovies sauce. The satay was ok and it was made in 1 piece which is unique for a satay.

Nasi Platter

Nasi Platter
Dad had Fish and Chips, which he described the taste as slightly above average. Younger sis ordered Chicken Chop, topped with Red Pepper BBQ sauce, which I would say tasted on par with the Chicken Tenders. I liked the fact that each of these meals had slightly different sides served.

Fish and Chips
Chicken Chop
Overall, I thought the food was satisfying enough. The portions served can seem to be huge for some but I'd prefer a meal with a big portion than one that would make me think of a second round. I thought it was reasonably priced. I didn't get to taste the desserts. Maybe the next time I visit also I can try their breakfast meals. Good chance I'll be coming back here.

Atmosphere outside


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