Best of Korea: Busan Cinema Center, Busan

The day we arrived in Busan, I thought of heading straight to the nearest place I could go from Haeundae. So we hit up Centum City to try to go to Shinsegae. The largest department store in the world. Unfortunately we came too late so we only could take pictures of it from outside. Nearby, we headed to Busan Cinema Center. This facility is used to host the Busan International Film Festival as well as other big performing arts events.

The center is only 2 blocks away from Shinsegae. We were around Shinsegae a lot just to determine where the location was. If you're facing the curved glass facade of the Shinsegae, it's 2 blocks to your left. In between is a building still under construction. At the back of you will be the APEC park. Night time would be the best time to go as its LED roof is easily recognisable from far.
Seatings for the main stage
Background of the "blue" carpet for BICF
The building holds the Guinness World Record for the longest cantilever roof. Looking at it, you'll be impressed by how a large roof is extended but only have a few supports. The whole roof is covered with LED screen so you can marvel at the constant changing backgrounds that lit up the building. There's a statue in front of the building which I think is the BIFF award statue? Hope I got it right. It's pretty huge.
Guiness Book of Records for this venue

BIFF award statue (?) in front of the center

At the time we arrived, they were preparing for the Busan International Comedy Festival. You can enter the main stage area without any restrictions. Surprisingly, even in the midst of them preparing for an event, the organizer did not restrict us from enjoying some photo time at their "blue" carpet and the seating areas.

Doesn't this pic look like I was really in front of paparazzis? ;p

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