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I finally got my Nokia Lumia 920!

After holding out on the Lumia 900 and using the dated HTC Mozart 7 for the past 2 years, I finally made made the move to the new Lumia 920 released in Malaysia just a few days ago. Made a pre-order with a RM200 deposit which really makes no difference than buying it on the spot. Just that it was probably harder to get the red one and you might not get the free umbrella and pen drive. Yup, not much difference. Head on over after the break for my thoughts.

New blog for Korea posts

I find that I've been writing and intending to write a lot of Korea related posts (I went to Seoul for the 2nd time!) so I figured I should placed them in a separate specifically themed blog like how I did with my previous Bio-Nik blog. For now it's empty, but will hopefully start writing something over at Excited!

Man of Steel - 2nd Trailer Released!

Have you guys seen this??!!!

Oh in case I've never mentioned this before, I'm a huge Superman fan! I've been following every single development of this movie. Has been a long wait. Hope it's worth it! Can't Wait! June 14th, 2013.