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Nokia Lumia 900 coming to Malaysia soon?

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, Nokia announced that the Lumia 900 is getting the global treatment. Coming to Canada in April and UK to follow after that. The only change the global version will bring is replacing the LTE capability with HSDPA+. Immediately following the announcement, I found out the Nokia Malaysia site has updated its site to include the 900 and also the newly announced 610. This would indicate that the phone is definitely coming here. But when, would be the question. The soonest would probably be Q2 2012. Let's hope it doesn't take too long. You can check out my previous post about the US version of 900 to check out what features are in store here.

It will be selling for about 480 euros which is about RM1945 here. That's reasonable enough given the 800 is at RM1650 and the improvements on top of the 800 is abundant. If you still haven't bought the 800, best to wait for this one as the features are worth the wait. On top of hardwa…

Game Review - Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 was the last game I bought so I thought of reviewing it after playing it for a while. It is the sequel to the best-selling dance game on Kinect, Dance Central (obviously). It came from the same developer that brought Rock Band, Harmonix. Read my review after the break.

Best of the Unreleased - Dead by My Chemical Romance

This one is one of the rare alternative music that I like. I liked My Chemical Romance's 'Black Parade' album especially this opening track. I even used the track as my alarm ringtone to remind me that I better wake up if I don't want to be 'dead'. Haha. Anyway, enjoy the track!

Nokia Lumia is now in Malaysia!

OK, I might be a little late on this. On February 10th, the new Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 were finally launched here in Malaysia. Nokia really went all out to launch the device at Pavilion, KL. Details on the phone, price and plans offered are also available after the break.

Album Review: + by Ed Sheeran

I bought this album last December and hadn't had a chance to review it. Ed Sheeran is the latest british act to storm the music scene last year, and he just picked up 2 BRIT awards this week. I first took notice of his song 'The A Team' when a contestant on the UK X Factor sang the song. From then on I followed his next releases and liked them. Went everywhere to see if his album '+' is released here and finally found it at Rock Corner. Read my review after the break.

What R U Watchin'? - Air Crash Investigations

One of my favourite documentaries to watch is Air Crash Investigation. I'm never fond flying and watching this makes it worse but I don't know why, I just enjoy watching it. I like watching stuff about disasters (What does that tell about me?). It does gives you an understanding of what happened and teaches you a bit about aviation industry. They learn from these incidents and make the airplanes safer. It's already in its 11th season with a 12th under production currently. You can watch episodes online on YouTube by searching either Air Crash Investigation or Mayday, its original Canadian title. You can refer the list of episodes here. Here are some of my favourite episodes after the break.

Best of the Unreleased - Please Don't Tell Her by Jason Mraz

Here's a classic. I've been a long time Jason Mraz fan ever since 'I Won't Worry' and my favourite album of his was Mr. A-Z. That set might have produced just minor hits but there were more great songs in there than the others, to me. Here's one of them. I couldn't embed the album version due to copyright but you can easily find it in YouTube. Happy listening!

My new interest: K-Pop!

It's been a while since my last post. Planned a few posts but never got to finish them. I also went on vacation to South Korea about 2 weeks ago. As usual, I'll get obsessed with the places I visit. I'm hoping to write about my adventures in upcoming posts. Ever since the trip, I've been tuning in to KBS World and immersed myself in Korean Dramas and K-pop! Haha... It might just be a phase but while I'm at it, might as well write about it. Here are videos of K-pop songs that I'm really into right now. Any of them your favourite or maybe I manage to make you like them?

This is probably an obvious choice. Before I came to Korea, I didn't have deep knowledge of K-pop. The famous one I remember was Wonder Girls' Nobody.

Take a look at more after the break.