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My Touch Korea Tour Entry

I've been setting out to do this ever since finding out about the Touch Korea Tour contest last 2 weeks. Arrgghh.. feels like it's too late now. Entry closes in 2 days and I need to gather views. It's a compilation of clips from my trip to Korea earlier this year featuring me and my cousins. Anyway, I hope, by some miracle, I could win the contest. Thanks for watching!

Movie Review: The Avengers 2D & Imax 3D

Updated with Imax 3D review below!

Yahoo! It's finally here! Summer movie season has started with the opening of The Avengers in cinemas this week. Malaysians are lucky enough to get the movie screened 1 week earlier than the US. Thanks to the persuasion of a friend, I kept myself awake and watched the midnight showing (My inner geek squealed with excitement). After introducing the main characters through multiple individual movies over the years, the first assembly finally happened. It has to be good right? But how good? Head on after the break for my full review.

New K-Pop: Somebody Else by Se7en

This week's new K-Pop was actually released in February this year. Not sure if this was released as a single in Korea but I know that he released the Japanese version. This was around the same time as his other single, When I Can't Sing, but I like this song better. It's featured on his self-titled 2nd mini album. I've never heard of Se7en's other songs besides this and When I Can't Sing but this is my favourite so far. It has the typical pop-rock hit formula and the lyrics are addictive as well. Let me know if you like this song. Lyrics and links to purchase are after the break.

Trip to South Korea - Day 6

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We were informed by our tour guide that the day will be very cold. In fact, at -17°C, it was the coldest day in Seoul in 34 years. Our day started with breakfast at a restaurant in Itaewon called Evergreen. It was a sort of Arab style breakfast with Naan bread and curry among the food offered. That was unexpected as I was ready to be content with hotel breakfast. That would've been better though after last night's Indian flavored dinner (Reminds me of New Zealand when I had a lot of Indian food cuz they were halal). The day's activities planned was a trip to Lotte World and downtown Dongdaemun for some shopping.

Movie Review: Battleship

After the successes of the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, another popular Hasbro product is brought to life into our silver screens. Battleship is based on the game where the players guess the coordinates of their opponent's battleships and ultimately eliminating their ships. Read on after the break for my thoughts on the film adaptation of this game.

Best of the Best: Running Man episode 74

Here's another favourite episode of mine of Running Man. Mainly due to its theme, Super Heroes! This was the 2nd Survival Series in which the members battle to eliminate each other. The last mission was a simple "Take off other members' tag" but with each member having a super power making the mission more difficult. I liked how they manage to give the effect of having super powers. It so made sense. Enjoy!

[Subbed by iSUBS]Running.Man.E74(1/5)by isubs

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3

After spending most of my free time catching up on all Running Man episodes, next thing for me to concentrate on was Mass Effect 3. I already got this early March but could never get myself to start it as I knew I'm gonna have to spend a lot of my time on this. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Spent hours after work every day engaging myself in this. This means it's a good thing right? Head on over after the break for my review of this latest RPG from Bioware.

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New K-Pop - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me (너도 나처럼) by 2AM

It's new K-Pop Thursday again! This one has been released for quite a while. I really like a lot of the ballads that 2AM came out with. Particularly You Wouldn't Answer My Calls, Can't Let You Go Even If I Die and Like Crazy. After I think a year and a half of absence from the music scene, they are now back better than ever with the comeback single I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me. On initial listen, I didn't really quite get the melody it was going for but really liked it after a few listen. The video is quite elaborate (as with all K-Pop videos nowadays). Lyrics and link to purchase after the break. Enjoy!

Trip to South Korea - Day 5

Previous Posts: Day 1&2, Day 3, Day 4

The fifth day started with breakfast at a nearby Japanese restaurant. Fish chips with Udon. Strange for breakfast but the fish chips were delicious. I guess since we were so used to eating healthy Korean dishes that anything fried is delicious at that moment. After breakfast, it was time to ski! I'm not sure if the ski shoes were suppose to be tight but mine almost felt like it cut all the blood circulation from ankle down. The walk to the slope was at times slippery. We were taken to the easiest slope, for obvious reasons. Only my family opted to learn how to ski. The rest of the tour members just watched us make fools out of ourselves. 

New K-Pop - Sherlock (셜록) (Clue + Note) by SHINee (샤이니)

After spending 2011 promoting their Japanese album, SHINee returns with their new comeback single, Sherlock. Sherlock is so-called a hybrid of 2 songs individually titled Clue and Note. Being a new K-Pop fan, I find that this is my favourite song from them. The other I liked is only Hello. Compared to their previous sound, seems they're going for an edgier approach to their music. The thumping bass makes this a great anthemic dance track. It's already no. 1 on the Gaon chart. The video also features Jessica of Girls' Generation :). Lyrics and link to purchase after the break. Enjoy!

Trip to South Korea - Day 4

Previous posts: Day 1&2, Day 3

My trip to Korea continues with us jetting back to Seoul on Day 4 in the morning and heads straight to Nami Island. We reached the harbor at Gapyeong Wharf at about noon. We were told that Nami Island is apparently now an independent republic, having its own passport, flag and currency. I was a bit confused there since we were freely able to go there without any real 'immigration'. We took a boat ride across icy waters to the island known to many as the shooting location of the popular drama Winter Sonata.

Best of the Unreleased - You Are Afraid by Bachelor Girl

Do you still remember the hit song Buses and Trains from Bachelor Girl? They were an Australian duo that shot to fame over here with that hit song. I had their album, Waiting for the Day and it had a bunch of songs that I thought should've been hits on radios. Unfortunately, their popularity didn't last long here, although Buses and Trains is still occasionally played on the radio. One of my favourite track from the album is You Are Afraid. Lyrics after the break. Enjoy!

Movie Review - Wrath of the Titans 3D

Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to 2010's remake of Clash of the Titans. The early success of the remake quickly spearheaded the development of this sequel. Reviews by critics doesn't seem positive for the sequel as seen at Rotten Tomatoes. However, because I really enjoyed the remake (and also I didn't have to pay for the tix ;p), I went to watch the movie without hesitation. I read somewhere that people who went to watch it enjoyed it so that didn't lower too much of my expectation. My review is after the break.

New K-Pop - Looking at You (너를 본다) by Shayne (셰인)

Since my new interest is now K-Pop, I thought I'd make a regular post on new K-Pop music that's out there. I'll start with this one from Shayne Orok. He's originally from Canada, posting regular videos of him singing on YouTube. He then entered a worldwide search for a Korean singing competition called MBC Star Audition and ended up getting 3rd place. From then on he signed a recording contract with Sony Music Korea and released some singles since. Here's his latest, Looking at You, taken from his 2nd mini album, Shayne's World. Lyrics and link to purchase his album after the break. Enjoy!

Album Review - Up All Night by One Direction

My February CD purchase was One Direction's Up All Night. I like their first 3 singles so I thought that that would qualify for an album purchase since the album on top of my list, In Case You Didn't Know by Olly Murs is still not out here. Read my review on the album after the break.

Purchase the album from Amazon here

Best of the Unreleased - Don't You Know by 2PM

I have been listening to a lot of K-Pop since coming back from Korea. One of my favourite K-Pop artist so far is 2PM. I can say I enjoy most of their songs as their music is more to the kind of pop I like. So I got their album, Hands Up and instantly took a liking to this particular song, Don't You Know. The music sort of has a 90's old school throwback to it which I like a lot (the 90's was the best!). Enjoy!

Purchase their album Hands Up here

Trip to South Korea - Day 3

...And the journey continues. Continuing my post for Day 3. If you missed Day 1 & 2, click here. Day 3 started quite early for us as we had packed day scheduled for us. The first stop was Seopjikoji Hill which was used as the shooting location for the drama "All In". They built the church on top of the hill here and kept it for tourist attraction purpose. It wasn't easy to reach there though as you'll need to walk quite a stretch along the coast to reach the different spot available there. I didn't get to go all the way to the lighthouse as we took a while taking photos and videos along the way. There were pony stables where you can ride them for a fee, the church set and a grassy hill top perfect for a picture moment. We also had ice cream on the way down even though the weather is freezing cold.

Movie Review - The Hunger Games

Last weekend I had the chance of watching The Hunger Games. It is based on the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. According to my sis, the books were recommended by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, making it anticipated by Twi-Hards as well. I read it made USD152.5 million on its opening weekend. That makes it right behind The Dark Knight for list of highest grossing weekend ever. The film stars today's rising young stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. as well as big names like Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson. Read on after the break for my review of the movie.