Trip to South Korea - Day 3

...And the journey continues. Continuing my post for Day 3. If you missed Day 1 & 2, click here. Day 3 started quite early for us as we had packed day scheduled for us. The first stop was Seopjikoji Hill which was used as the shooting location for the drama "All In". They built the church on top of the hill here and kept it for tourist attraction purpose. It wasn't easy to reach there though as you'll need to walk quite a stretch along the coast to reach the different spot available there. I didn't get to go all the way to the lighthouse as we took a while taking photos and videos along the way. There were pony stables where you can ride them for a fee, the church set and a grassy hill top perfect for a picture moment. We also had ice cream on the way down even though the weather is freezing cold.

The church set from "All In" at Seopjikoji Hill
View of the coastline at Seopjikoji Hill
Straight after that was another hike at a the Seongsun Sunrise Peak. Essentially it's a crater shaped mountain that is truly amazing if you get to see it from above. Going up is quite a hike though. Since we really didn't expect all these physical activities, we became exhausted easily. At the base of the mountain is a huge field and at one part of the coast, you can climb down to a spot where there's female diver performances at certain times. All this was quite an exercise but also refreshing as the weather was breezy. The visit ended just in time for lunch where we had a sort of sardine in tomato-centered Korean meal. It was quite good though, spicy. We even packed the leftovers in case we want more helpings of it. 

View from one of the stops on the way up Seongsun Sunrise Peak

This cove is where you can catch the Women's Diver performance 
By this time we were tired from the morning hike. We stopped by an orange farm to have a look at orange trees and buy some orange flavored chocolates. Unfortunately, there wasn't any oranges we can pick. They even hung fake oranges on the trees to attract visitors. The next stop was a Folk Village that replicates how a Jeju village would look like in the olden days. It was a fairly educational visit as we learn the many methods of living during those days from how they iron clothes using just wooden sticks, grind paddies using a cool spinning contraption and even how going to the toilet actually feeds the pigs! It was also the location for the popular drama Jewel in the Palace. Our trip continues with a visit to the Trick Art museum. The museum showcases cool art the tricks the eyes and mind. Lots of interesting as well as funny arts were on display. I uploaded a video of a 3D art below.

One of the houses on display at the Jeju Folk Village

We next went to the infamous Mysterious Road, a seemingly uphill road where objects moves upwards defying gravity. At the start of the road, our bus stopped its engine to see the magic happen. We then stepped down to take a closer look. This is more of a gimmick as it's actually an optical illusion. It actually isn't an uphill road, just that the surrounding environment makes it look like it is. Our next stop was the Teddy Bear museum. I'm quite baffled as to why Korea had all these weird museums like the Trick Art and Teddy Bear museum. If I'm not mistaken, they don't even make teddy bears in Korea. More or less, in Jeju island. Inside the museum you can expect the many many number of teddy bears represented in different sceneries from safari, everyday life and famous figures. We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant near Dragon Rock.

A car moving without its engine on at Mysterious Road

The many displays of teddy bears at the Teddy Bear Museum
We leave Jeju Island to go back to Seoul and visit Nami Island and Alpensia Resort which I'll be elaborating on the next post.

Update: Here's Day 4


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