Album Review - Up All Night by One Direction

My February CD purchase was One Direction's Up All Night. I like their first 3 singles so I thought that that would qualify for an album purchase since the album on top of my list, In Case You Didn't Know by Olly Murs is still not out here. Read my review on the album after the break.

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The first 3 tracks are already their first 3 hit singles. I think what they're going for here is sort of the american summer anthem album, full of uptempo cheerful songs. When I first heard of What Makes You Beautiful, I felt the lyrics weren't good enough. But somehow you can't help it when the music is addictive. Gotta Be You takes things slower but still with a beat. I like the bridge music that leads towards the chorus, somewhat similar to Katy Perry's Firework. Sort of epic. Makes for a great background music for your home videos. One Thing takes things back to the beat of What Makes You Beautiful but even better. I prefer this more than Beautiful.

Unfortunately I was a bit dissappointed with the rest of the album. Some of the tracks weren't as catchy or single worthy as the 3 tracks. You'd expect a Billboard Hot 200 no. 1 album would have a lot of great tracks. The title track 'Up All Night' for example doesn't really have a great hook. Name dropping Katy Perry didn't help either. The tracks that I favor from the rest were More Than This, I Wish and Same Mistakes. More Than This took a few listen for me to like. It doesn't really stand out but at least the song is not that bad. I Wish is another up-tempo ballad that talks about crushing over a girl. My favorite part of the song is the chorus itself, making you feel pitiful to the one singing the song. The best song would have to be Same Mistakes. I like the beat that goes with the song. However, I felt it was more appropriate for The Wanted to sing this than them, mainly 'cause it's a different sound than the other tracks.

Overall I would say it's half good, half dissappointing. Only get this if you are a fan, or like anything from a boyband. For casual listeners, you're not missing much.


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