Trip to South Korea - Day 6

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We were informed by our tour guide that the day will be very cold. In fact, at -17°C, it was the coldest day in Seoul in 34 years. Our day started with breakfast at a restaurant in Itaewon called Evergreen. It was a sort of Arab style breakfast with Naan bread and curry among the food offered. That was unexpected as I was ready to be content with hotel breakfast. That would've been better though after last night's Indian flavored dinner (Reminds me of New Zealand when I had a lot of Indian food cuz they were halal). The day's activities planned was a trip to Lotte World and downtown Dongdaemun for some shopping.

Waiting for Lotte World to open

The view of the main castle in the outdoor part of Lotte World

We arrived at Lotte World at about 9.30am, just in time for the gates to open. We got to see the theme park get ready to welcome its first round of guests. There was the indoor park and the outdoor park. Our guide brought us around to take a look before he releases us to enjoy the day. Due to complaints from previous tours he guided, he decided to extend our stay here until 3pm. Lunch was packed by Evergreen that morning. Word of advice, do not go here during winter. Only indoor rides were open that day. The bigger and more thrilling rides outdoor are closed, possibly due to the cold weather. For myself, it wasn't really a problem as I am not the thrill seeker type. Not a fan of sudden drops in altitude. I just rode the once that go swoosh down for a mere second. My cousins felt the entrance fee wasn't worth it since most of the good rides are closed.

View of indoor park from the Hot Air Baloon ride

Some of the market we passed along the way in Dongdaemun

3pm we went off to Dongdaemun market where the tour guide would bring us to buy Korean Silk and a souvenir shop that sells them at a cheaper price compared to anywhere else. The bus dropped us along the street to the shop that sell Korean Silk. Bought Korean Silk for my mum as a gift. Right after, we walked all the way to Doota mall for the souvenir shop. It was quite a walk as we had to pass a few stretches of markets along the way. The souvenir shop was located at the top most floor of the mall. There you can all the souvenirs you need to get for the people back home. We had some time after that so we went to the other floors to look around. I ended up purchasing a wool jacket that I liked. I would say Korean is an awesome place if you're the fashion concious type as even the men have so many selection of clothes, weird or not. Though the designer ones are kind of expensive. 

Doota mall where we got most of our souvenirs

The yummy yet healthy Ginseng Chicken Soup

Dinner was Ginseng Chicken Soup at a shop downtown. Not sure where it is. It was chicken that is boiled for 3-4 days together with ginseng. it made the meat easily fall off the bones so eating it with utensils was easy. After dinner, we decided to walk around Myeong-Dong to check out the shops available there. I love the bright lights in the big city atmosphere (Reminds me of New York, albeit a mini version). I even got lost when I decided to separate from my cousins. Luckily I knew my way back, but not before venturing to all the shops that was still open. By that time, my face was frozen.

View of the streets of Myeong-Dong

Another view of Myeong-Dong

The next post will be my last 2 days of the trip. More shopping and a little bit of sightseeing around Seoul. Coming soon.

Update: Day 7 & 8 is up!
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