Best of the Best - Running Man Episode 63 & 64

This time it's a special 2 episode post as both features the same guest and you have to enjoy it as a whole. Ok, the reason I liked this episode is simply because it features Girls' Generation! The theme this time was couples. There's definitely plenty of laughs in this. From the way they choose their partners, interaction between the couples and also the missions they perform. Funniest couple was of course Gwang Soo with his crush Yuri. Enjoy!

Episode 63

New K-Pop - Burning by Phantom

Here's a new one from a rookie group. It sorta has that pop rock feel that I would say not most K-Pop songs sound like. Very catchy. Don't know much about the band though. Enjoy the video and sing along with the lyrics after the break!

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Yes Asia

Game Review: SimCity Social

Haven't been touching the Xbox in a while. It's cuz I'm currently hooked on this Facebook game, SimCity Social. I've always enjoyed playing the Sim franchise especially SimCity and the Sims. So in anticipation of the new SimCity game coming next year, I thought I'd give this game a try. Can't believe now I'm hooked to it. Login in everyday and even paying to get the diamonds!

Been a while...

Wow it's been a while since I updated anything. Work has occupied my mind during that time. Lots of posts are left in draft status. Watched a few movies, bought a few albums and there's tons of K-Pop music released the past few weeks. So I'm gonna try to start posting again while I have some free time waiting for my next project. ;)