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Movie Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

After Bling Ring, I started looking for other movies Emma Watson was in and thought of checking this out. When this movie first came out in 2012, I thought this was going to be some highly complex independent movie that I will not enjoy. All that thought changed after I decided to watch this a few days ago.

Coney Dogs!

I was watching Food Wars on Food Network the other days pitting the best 2 coney dog restaurants. So I decided to try a hand at making my own coney dogs. This is what happened. Not bad right? Thanks to a bit of googling and youtube how to videos, I manage to come up with a quite spicy chili dog sauce for the coney dog. Haha.

New K-Pop: Let's Love by C-Clown

Here's a new one from C-Clown. I wasn't a fan of Justice, their previous release. It was too full on rap and rock for me. This one is a little different. I love the opening beat and the overlapping chorus lines. That was the hook for me. Lyrics and links to purchase in this post.

Bioshock Infinite on Xbox Ultimate Game Sale!

If you're on Xbox right now, and have not got Bioshock Infinite, now's your chance! The final day of the Ultimate Game Sale brings down the price of Bioshock Infinite by 67% to only SGD13.16. That's about RM30++ I think. Modern Warfare 3 is at a 60% discount as well. So hurry 'cause it's only for today! 

Movie Review: The Bling Ring

Every once in a while I'd find out about films based on true crimes that interests me. I was trying to find other similar movies as Kings of Summer, teen films, and I was recommended this movie, The Bling Ring.

Movie Review: The Kings of Summer

Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to leave everyone behind and escape to your own world? Well, this was the premise of the Kings of Summer. I was a looking for some indie movies released recently to watch and came about the trailer for this. Looked interesting so I downloaded it.

The Flash TV Series is Coming!

I haven't been watching any TV series lately. My short attention span and the abundance of TV shows to check just made me find it hard to follow any at the moment. I watch movies more now so that I can just complete a story and get on with the next. Haha. There's a new super hero TV show coming to your screen and this might just make me start following a series again.

Listen to Stay With Me by Taeyang Featuring G-Dragon

Everyone's been talking about Taeyang's new album. I haven't been riding on the bandwagon though. Last week, I was watching Inkigayo and he started off his comeback with this song Stay With Me and it has now been at the top of my playlist. Eyes, Nose, Lips might be an OK song for me but this song is my jam right now!