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#NowPlaying: DAY6

So about halfway past 2015 last year, I sort of fell out of the K-Pop scene, simply because there wasn't any new releases that really caught my attention (My favourite track from last year was Legend's Trace!). So only now that I started to try to crawl back to re-discover what I missed. Lo and behold, I found one I really enjoyed, and it was from a new band called DAY6. Are you guys a fan?

I first stumbled across this band when YouTube auto played their debut single "Congratulations" after I watched Roh Ji Hoon's If You Were Me (Which is an awesome track as well). Since they were from JYP, this is like my replacement for the absense of 2AM. Their singles are actually ballads but with a rock twist to it. I'm even into their new song "Letting Go" right now. Go check them out and buy their EPs!

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Lately Disney has been actively remaking their classic animated features into live action films for the modern audience. After Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent and Cinderella, it's now Jungle Book's turn to entertain the audience. I must admit I didn't actually watch the original animated film growing up. I've seen footage, clips of 'Bare Necessities', briefly know about the premise but that was the extend of my knowledge on the animated film. So I went with minimal knowledge and zero expectation for the film. I came out of the theaters well satisfied but not overly excited for the film. Read on for my full review.

New Travel Blog

Hi guys!

I know it's been a while since I blogged here. I really want to start blogging again. One of my other passion is travelling and I've had the privilege of doing a few travels in the past few years. So I wanted to share my experiences. I've started an instagram feed called @travelwithwan as well as in the midst of starting a travel blog. Hope you check it out here (