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New K-Pop: Do You Feel Me? by MR.MR

Another K-Pop tune to check out. I like this cuz it has that commercial R&B/Pop sound like you would hear from Chris Brown. Check it out!

Seoul Here I Come Again!

This may sound absurd but I'm leaving for Seoul in about 3 days! This will be my 4th time to South Korea! I just can't really put a single reason why I'm still excited to be visiting this beautiful country. Hope I can meet people there as well.

New K-Pop: Wait a Minute by Baek Seung Heon

Hi there! Been a while. Seems quite hard to mantain 2 sites. I'll stick with this one for now. K-Pop this year has been a bit dissappointing. Haven't heard many awesome tracks but here's one I'm liking. Enjoy!