Where to Eat? Oliver's Kitchen, Cyberjaya

Lunch time. At work in Cyberjaya. Need to get out of the office. There's so many places to go to, but do they make good food? My friends and I decided to venture to as many new places to eat over here. I'm sure new visitors would need some help as well so here's a little review on my visit to Oliver's Kitchen located at Shaftsbury Square.

I had no idea this place existed. Thought I'd exhausted all possible options at Shaftsbury but a friend brought us to this place. Not sure how new this place is. Oliver's Kitchen mainly serves Italian & Western dishes. Price range I would say is mid-range. Not too expensive, not to say the cheapest either. Just right for what you get.

Mixed Berry Blast
Drinks are mostly priced at RM10 each. I took the one that looks the most interesting. Love berries so had to try this. I really did enjoy the drink. Very refreshing ice blended when you're in a very hot place like Cyberjaya.
Gourmet Burger
My friends weren't being adventurous enough :( They all ordered the Gourmet Burger. Presentation looks good. They seem to enjoy it although I thought it didn't look enough to satisfy an empty tummy. It's priced around RM20 if I remember correctly. Fries was good too.
Oliver's Pizza
I decided to order a pizza to share. This was their recommended pizza. Pepperoni, check. Chicken, check. I can't really remember the other ingredients. Hehe. Overall the pizza was good and satusfying. RM25 for a decent 12 inch pizza! It's actually enough to be shared with others as well.

Overall, satisfied. Will come back again to try other stuff when we have the budget to spend a bit more.


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