Best of Korea: Glass Museum, Jeju Island

If you're in Jeju, the next best thing to go visit besides the nature are the abundance of different museums there is around the island. I've been to their Teddy Bear Museum and Trick Art Museum on my first Korea visit. In this post, I'll take you through the Glass Museum that I visited in June of last year.

The huge drinking glass that greets you at the entrance
 Can't believe it has been a year since I visited Jeju. What we did was we hired a cab driver that suggested us the many attractions we can visit in Jeju Island. We had fun picking out the places as there were a lot of attractions to see. The weather wasn't on our side that day but when it finally stopped, we went to the Glass Museum to check all things made of glass.
One of the glass art displays indoor
Playing around in the glass rooms

As with all the locations in Jeju, driving is your best bet. The public transport system is not yet foreigner friendly I think except for taxis that you can hire to go around the island. We were suggested by the taxi driver to visit the Glass Museum. As we arrived, we were greeted by a huge drinking glass at the entrance. The you'd be able to see the brief history of glasses around the world.
Cinderella's glass slipper collection
Decorations in the garden
There the indoor part which you can see them utilizing glass to make cool effects with art. I got to pretent I'm in a K-Pop video for a second in one of the rooms surrounded by mirrors and lit by neon lights. Then there's the outdoor part which is a garden full of glass creations. The amount of glass used here is astonishing. Every decoration you see is in some ways made of glass.
These are made of glass!
Nature and glass intertwined
Overdecorated pine tree?
Overall it was an enjoyable and totally unique experience to see such a basic material being the centre of an attraction. A recommended stop if you are in Jeju.

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