Best of Korea: 2AM Concert Experience

It so happens that when I planned my 2nd trip to Korea, 2AM was to perform on the weekend. So I told myself that this would be the perfect K-Pop related activity to do in Korea. It was even the last thing we did on the trip so it's like a "Save the best for last" moment. Eventhough the concert had been announced for a while, I did manage to snatch seats. Excited!

Being the planner I am, of course I charted out the method we'd be using to go to the concert venue. It was held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park. It was a long ride we took from our hotel (The Shilla, which I won a free night stay thanks to Buzz Korea) where the nearest station was Dongguk University. Then after a few line changes we took the line 5 to Olympic Park.
I got to stay at this post hotel Shilla thanks to iBuzz Korea
As we arrived we needed to make our way to Olympic Hall which was quite a walk as well. The weather was freezing so I didn't even get to sweat. We took our pre-bought tickets from the ticket provider booths. Then head towards the hall. Outside, official merchandises were sold. I didn't want to spend too much on additional stuff after buying the concert tickets for KRW 99,000 but I did wanted to bring back something as a souvenir. The cheapest item was the official light stick.
From Olympic Park station, the sign to the concert hall
K-Pop fans are some of the most generous people in the world. I don't know how they are able to donate mountains of rice all in the name of their favourite idols. I hope it really goes to those in need. Not sure though the significance of rice when it comes to the things they donate. Maybe it's a known fact that food is something the less fortunate would definitely need. Inside, at the entrance, you'd be able to take pictures with cutouts of Changmin, Seulong, Jo Kwon and Jinwoon.
Bags of rice donated by fans
Since the seats were numbered and pre-selected, it wasn't a hassle to queue in. Everyone knew where to go and if not, there were ushers nice enough to bring us in. Our seats weren't like the closest to the stage but the hall seemed quite small that the stage is not that far actually. We weren't allowed to take photos but people are always sneaking in to take them. 
The hall started to fill up
Seulong had injured his ankle so he opted out on those dance numbers by singing from the side. I knew a few songs(I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me, You Were Mine and others)  but I also discovered new ones as well (I'm Sorry I Can't Laugh For You). They also performed Sistar's Alone in drag which I don't get why it was needed. Then we have their solo moments so you can imagine Jo Kwon singing his song Animal in that weird high heels. I admit there were times that I dozed off as I was a bit tired from all the travelling that day. It was only during those songs I wasn't familiar with. Hehe.
Lighting up my light stick
The only pics I manage to take during the concert
Overall, I loved the experience. Ever since my money was taken away for a cancelled concert here in Malaysia, I was a bit skeptical about going to concerts here. So if ever I'm gonna go on a K-Pop concert, I'd rather go to the one in Korea. Makes the experience a whole lot better.

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