Korea here I come again!

Hehe....so a friend was interested in going to Korea. Of course I jumped at the chance!

New K-Pop: Mr. Mr. by Girls' Generation

Who isn't excited when Girls' Generation makes a comback?? I wasn't a huge fan of I Got a Boy. It's those kinds of song that needs a few listen, you get hooked then dissolves quite fast. It's still a good tune. Over a year later, the girls are back with a mini album. The title track of their new album is Mr. Mr. On first listen, it didn't hook me straight but I still decided to download it on iTunes. It's starting to grow on me now.


I realized I haven't been updating the blog in quite a while. I received note that my blog was in consideration for a contest by Korea Plaza KL and I'm suppose to post stuff about Korea...Hopefully that can happen soon. Work has really occupied my time and I hate that! I want to write but I need a clear and peaceful mind. Huhu. Readers, thanks for your patience. I'll be back!