My jam right now...

I just discovered 2 K-Pop songs which I'm loving right now... 

The first is a 2013 song by MYNAME called Day by Day. I can't believe I did not know about it during its release. This would've been my top songs of 2013. It's a mid-tempo pop/r&b ballad I would say. The kind of track I'd love to have if ever I was singer :p 

Next is a song by SouLime SounD called Ride Something. It's in the same vine as Day by Day. A mid-tempo track but with a more uplifting beat. I can imagine this a great song when you're by yourself just enjoying the view of solidarity. I'm yapping. Anyway, I want you all to listen to these too so go ahead! Support these artistes by buying their music on iTunes.

Korean Artists Coming to Malaysia in 2014 (Updated!)

I haven't visited this post in a while. However, it seems like this is one of the posts people visit most and I think I should keep it updated so that I don't dissappoint readers who want to know the latest about artists coming to our shores. The scene is a bit quiet as of late but hopefully we hear more news. Click Read More to see the whole list!

Artist: Topp Dogg
Event: First Showcase 2014 Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 23rd November, Sunday, 12:30 PM
Venue: HGH Convention Centre
Info: Jazzy Group of Companies

Artist: Lunafly
Event: Magical Moment with Lunafly in Malaysia 2014
Date: 21st December, Sunday
Venue: TBA
Info: The Quartz Team

Where to Eat? Goodsaltz, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Saturday nights are usually family night outs for me. I'd go back to my parents' and we all go out to eat around town. Last night, we decided to try out a new place called Goodsaltz. Not sure if it's from any franchise but the place does look like it could be coming from one with its beautiful and inviting environment.

Where to Eat? Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock, Ara Damansara

Hey there. It's been a while since I wrote anything here. Yeah, I've been procrastinating on writing about my latest Korea adventure. A week after I got back, my family and I went to Hong Kong. That's something to write about too. So hopefully I'll find the time to work on writing those long overdue posts. This time I'm writing about something very recent. My friends and I have been going on this breakfast adventure over weekends trying out good eats around town. Last weekend, we decided to go to Ara Damansara to try out the Nasi Lemak at Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock. 

New K-Pop: Go Crazy! by 2PM

It's out! The MV for Go Crazy is now out for everyone's viewing pleasure. Hmm...I don't really know what to say about the song so far. Maybe I need to listen to it more often to get hooked. The MV looks cool but the effects seems a bit cheesy. Anyway, enjoy!

Best of Korea: Busan Cinema Center, Busan

The day we arrived in Busan, I thought of heading straight to the nearest place I could go from Haeundae. So we hit up Centum City to try to go to Shinsegae. The largest department store in the world. Unfortunately we came too late so we only could take pictures of it from outside. Nearby, we headed to Busan Cinema Center. This facility is used to host the Busan International Film Festival as well as other big performing arts events.

2 Comebacks I'm Excited About...

So yeah. I'm back from Korea. Sorry I didn't really do much blogging. Our itinerary was so exhaustive that we came back every day after 12am and by the time I reached for my PC, I dozed off. Anyway, today's post is about 2 comebacks I'm most excited about that's happening soon. They are from 2PM with their track 'Go Crazy!' from their new album of the same name and Teen Top with Missing from their new mini album EXITO. Hopefully their tracks are exciting and interesting as their teasers. More after the break.

New K-Pop: Mamma Mia by Kara

OK. When I initially heard this song, I didn't like it at all. I just thought it was typical girl group song that just didn't have what it takes. However, as I spent my days here in Korea, I keep hearing the song being played and it's kind of catchy to me now. Maybe I should've given it a few listens before judging. I even picked up their album here...and got to see them perform on Show Champion! I love you Seungyeon! Enjoy the song. Will try to post my review on the album.

Best of Korea: Gwangan Bridge and Gwanggali Beach, Busan

I'm live from Busan writing my first post on my trip this time. It's over 2am here but I decided I have to start writing soonest possible so that I captured every moment I can remember of the places I'll be talking about. First up, is Gwangan Bridge and Gwanggali Beach.

Listen to Fever by HALO

There's still lack of great music coming out this month. Hopefully next month's Super Junior, Taetiseo and 2PM comeback brings awesome music back. HALO is another rookie group I found out by looking at the M Countdown. This track reminds you of the late 90's and early 00's pop. Kind of have that summer feeling going on. Also check out their other track Can You Hear Me?

New K-Pop: Left Out by Legend

This might've been out for a while. It's the debut song from rookie group Legend. It might not be on most listener's playlist but it's definitely going into mine. I love the catchy chorus. I was bored of the lack of new music so I scoured through the M Countdown ranking and found this gem. Enjoy!

MBLAQ at K-Festival Malaysia 2014

Just this weekend we had the K-Festival happening at Pavilion KL with booths promoting Korea services as well as performances from Korea that includes traditional dances, fashion show and even artist appearance. Of course the highlight was the appearance of MBLAQ.

The day is almost here...

Wow! In less than a month, I'm going back to my hometown...Korea! Haha. Can't wait. Although it seems like I've exhausted every possible places I can go but actually not. This time I'm fitting some new places I've always wanted to go as well as familiar places for my friends who've never been there. I've even started on my itinerary...very detailed itinerary. Seriously, I could become a tour guide/travel agent to Korea. Any offers?

A snippet of my trip itinerary...can't wait!

New K-Pop: Back Seat by JYJ

Honestly, I've heard of JYJ's previous works but was never a fan. Their new track, Back Seat, on the other hand is not that bad. It's taken from their long awaited comeback EP 'Just Us'

Katy Perry's new video "This is How We Do" is out!

One of the stand out tracks off of Prism I would say is "This is How We Do". It's like a more urban "Last Friday Night". And now the official video for the song is out!

Movie Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

After Bling Ring, I started looking for other movies Emma Watson was in and thought of checking this out. When this movie first came out in 2012, I thought this was going to be some highly complex independent movie that I will not enjoy. All that thought changed after I decided to watch this a few days ago.

Coney Dogs!

I was watching Food Wars on Food Network the other days pitting the best 2 coney dog restaurants. So I decided to try a hand at making my own coney dogs. This is what happened. Not bad right? Thanks to a bit of googling and youtube how to videos, I manage to come up with a quite spicy chili dog sauce for the coney dog. Haha.

New K-Pop: Let's Love by C-Clown

Here's a new one from C-Clown. I wasn't a fan of Justice, their previous release. It was too full on rap and rock for me. This one is a little different. I love the opening beat and the overlapping chorus lines. That was the hook for me. Lyrics and links to purchase in this post.

Bioshock Infinite on Xbox Ultimate Game Sale!

If you're on Xbox right now, and have not got Bioshock Infinite, now's your chance! The final day of the Ultimate Game Sale brings down the price of Bioshock Infinite by 67% to only SGD13.16. That's about RM30++ I think. Modern Warfare 3 is at a 60% discount as well. So hurry 'cause it's only for today! 

Movie Review: The Bling Ring

Every once in a while I'd find out about films based on true crimes that interests me. I was trying to find other similar movies as Kings of Summer, teen films, and I was recommended this movie, The Bling Ring.

Movie Review: The Kings of Summer

Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to leave everyone behind and escape to your own world? Well, this was the premise of the Kings of Summer. I was a looking for some indie movies released recently to watch and came about the trailer for this. Looked interesting so I downloaded it.

The Flash TV Series is Coming!

I haven't been watching any TV series lately. My short attention span and the abundance of TV shows to check just made me find it hard to follow any at the moment. I watch movies more now so that I can just complete a story and get on with the next. Haha. There's a new super hero TV show coming to your screen and this might just make me start following a series again.

Listen to Stay With Me by Taeyang Featuring G-Dragon

Everyone's been talking about Taeyang's new album. I haven't been riding on the bandwagon though. Last week, I was watching Inkigayo and he started off his comeback with this song Stay With Me and it has now been at the top of my playlist. Eyes, Nose, Lips might be an OK song for me but this song is my jam right now!

New K-Pop: Good Luck by BEAST

BEAST is back with a new song titled Good Luck. The last song from them that I liked was How To Love from their Hard to Love, How to Love album. The title track for that one didn't really caught my attention. This time around, I got hooked as soon as I listened to the bridge part. That did it for me. Straight away into my iPod playlist. Enjoy and buy the music legally!

Where to Eat? Oliver's Kitchen, Cyberjaya

Lunch time. At work in Cyberjaya. Need to get out of the office. There's so many places to go to, but do they make good food? My friends and I decided to venture to as many new places to eat over here. I'm sure new visitors would need some help as well so here's a little review on my visit to Oliver's Kitchen located at Shaftsbury Square.

Listen to This! Problem by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

I'm in love with Ariana Grande. It started out with Victoria Justice. Tried to watch Victorious because of her, but then fell in love with the red/pink haired Ariana. This is so wrong. She also happens to be a very good singer. The new Mariah! Her songs are reminiscent of songs from the 90s including this. It's not your typical pop song but you just can't not get hooked after spinning this a few times.

New Music: Quit Playing by U-KISS

I knew about this song a while ago. Anticipated it but I took a bit of time to cozy up to it. The teaser really piqued my interest with the guitar beats but I was a bit dissappointed with the song as a whole when it first came out. It wasn't an instant hit for me and needed a few listen until I put it in my playlist. Enjoy!

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

I got a chance to catch this movie for free last Thursday which was its premiere day over here. I hadn't watch animation in the cinema for a while as I felt usually the storyline would be more kid-friendly and they're not the blockbuster type of films that would look great on a big screen, unless they look visually stunning on 3D.

Best of Korea: 2AM Concert Experience

It so happens that when I planned my 2nd trip to Korea, 2AM was to perform on the weekend. So I told myself that this would be the perfect K-Pop related activity to do in Korea. It was even the last thing we did on the trip so it's like a "Save the best for last" moment. Eventhough the concert had been announced for a while, I did manage to snatch seats. Excited!

New K-Pop: Obsession by Boyfriend

Boyfriend had this too cute persona when they first started out. The earlier songs weren't my cup of tea until Janus. Janus was surprisingly good and a proper growth for the group. The album was good as well. My favourite was Good Night. Now they are back with another EP with this upbeat track, Obsession as the title track. This has more of a hip hop pop beat to it in the lines of BTOB's Beep Beep. It's starting to grow on me. Enjoy!

Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

It has been a while since I took a vacation so when I had the opportunity I planned out a short trip over the weekend in May with some friends. We decided to go to Perhentian Islands. A well deserved retreat after months of my leaves being frozen because of work. Time to chill out and soak up the sun.

Best of Korea: Glass Museum, Jeju Island

If you're in Jeju, the next best thing to go visit besides the nature are the abundance of different museums there is around the island. I've been to their Teddy Bear Museum and Trick Art Museum on my first Korea visit. In this post, I'll take you through the Glass Museum that I visited in June of last year.

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Last Friday I decided to go watch End of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. I had no idea what to expect as I didn't watch any trailers nor have read on what the story is about. I did though check if the reviews for this film was high enough for me to try to watch it. 90% on Rotten Tomatoes sold me to go watch it.

New Music - XO by John Mayer

I absolutely loved XO by Beyonce. It's such a sweet midtempo heartfelt song. A tribute to the love of your lives. Now, John Mayer has went on and done an acoustic cover of the song that I think is as good as the original. I just love the melody of this song.

Best of Korea: KTX

I've heard of the bullet trains in Japan so I figured Koreans must have something similar. It might not be as fast as bullet trains but KTX is definitely an alternative for transport if you're thinking of going from one big city to another. On my trip in June last year, I decided to try out the KTX from Busan back to Seoul instead of taking a domestic flight which can be quite pricey.

New Music - Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is back with his 2nd posthumous album and the lead single out of it is Love Never Felt So Good. The single version features a duet with Justin Timberlake. I personally love this song as it definitely has that Michael Jackson goodness circa Thriller era. It is in fact recorded in the 1980s but with this released version, it sounds so current. Enjoy!

Best of Korea - Apgujeong, SM, JYP and Cube Cafe

What is every K-Pop fan's visit to Seoul without visiting the management companies buildings. My 2nd trip to Korea, as it is with my K-pop fan friend, we decided to go search for the 3 common buildings people usually go: SM, JYP and Cube.

New Music Discovery - Until We Die by Gentle Bones

I was on leave the entire week and was thinking of what to do. Thought of travelling but didn't know where to go. Singapore came to mind. So I googled any events happening in Singapore this week. Turns out Music Matters is happening. I saw the ad and fell in love with this song, Until We Die by Gentle Bones. Gentle Bones is the stage name for Joel Tan from Singapore. He has that Ed Sheeran sound going on.

Best of Korea: Ski Resorts in Gangwon

I absolutely love winter in Korea! Can't wait to go there again during this time. Cold weather beats hot weather anytime for me. My first trip to Korea, I experienced temperatures down to -20 degrees yet I love the experience. So far on my trips, I've only managed to go to 2 ski resorts. Lots of things you can do there like skiing, snowboarding and just plain old snow ball fight.

New K-Pop: You You You by Fly To The Sky

I only knew about Fly To The Sky after watching Brian Joo in K-Style and wanting to know the cool song that was playing the background. What I know from my searching is that they mainly sing R&B/Ballad songs. The song I liked turned out to be Brian's solo song Let This Die. Anyway, they made a long awaited comeback and I kinda like this song. It's been a while since we had a power ballad song coming from other than 2AM that I liked. Enjoy! I've also added the iTunes link considering it's quite hard to search them in iTunes.

Fly to the Sky Vol. 9 - Continuum

Best of Korea - Jeju Olle Trail

Korea is not just about fast paced city and high tech technology. There's also beauty in its nature that can be enjoyed. On my trip last June, I went to Jeju again to experience the beauty of the island. Jeju offers this unique experience called the Jeju Olle trail for nature lovers to enjoy as well as get a little bit of exercise.

Album Review: Overdose EP by EXO-K

EXO is back with a new mini album! In time before kicking off their first solo tour, the boys release a new album containing 5 new tracks including the title track Overdose. Since EXO's first album was the best album of 2013 for me, of course I'm excited for this comeback. Can't wait to hear new sound from them.

Best of Korea: Cafes

This is a bit less of a specific landmark. I just wanted to write something about the abundance of coffee shops around Korea itself. I'm not really a fan of coffee besides Nescafe but my sister was excited at the fact that there's so many coffee shops around Korea. We went on a hunt to the various cafes, tried out their drinks and cookies as well as get some free souvenirs out of them.
My sister's collection of coffee cup holders from the cafes we visited.

Best of Korea - N Seoul Tower

One of the most significant landmarks when you visit Seoul is of course the N Seoul Tower. I was frustrated that my first visit to Korea didn't include that. It focused too much on the shopping aspect and neglected this beautiful landmark. 
The tower at nightThe tower in the day

Korea here I come again! a friend was interested in going to Korea. Of course I jumped at the chance!

New K-Pop: Mr. Mr. by Girls' Generation

Who isn't excited when Girls' Generation makes a comback?? I wasn't a huge fan of I Got a Boy. It's those kinds of song that needs a few listen, you get hooked then dissolves quite fast. It's still a good tune. Over a year later, the girls are back with a mini album. The title track of their new album is Mr. Mr. On first listen, it didn't hook me straight but I still decided to download it on iTunes. It's starting to grow on me now.


I realized I haven't been updating the blog in quite a while. I received note that my blog was in consideration for a contest by Korea Plaza KL and I'm suppose to post stuff about Korea...Hopefully that can happen soon. Work has really occupied my time and I hate that! I want to write but I need a clear and peaceful mind. Huhu. Readers, thanks for your patience. I'll be back!

New K-Pop - Beep Beep by BTOB

BTOB is back again... yeah! Love these guys, but didn't really love their last album, Thriller. They are now back with a hip hop track that it unique and catchy. I'm particularly interested with the other tracks on this album based on the teasers I heard. Can't wait to hear them. Enjoy!

New K-Pop - Like a Star by K.Will

Here's a song from the OST of My Love from Another Star. Sung by K.Will, it's called Like a Star. I'm trying to start to watch the drama. Haven't caught much of my attention so far (any recommendation of K-Drama?) but love the song. Enjoy!

What R U Watching? - K-Pop Star Hunt Season 3

I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately as I only have the free-to-air channels in my home (saving money). So on weekends when I'm back at my parents' I would watch Channel M on HyppTV. One of the programs I followed was K-Pop Star Hunt Season 3. I wasn't following it initially as I found the previous 2 seasons a bit boring. This year, the representative from Malaysia is Putri which caught my attention so I started watching it. Wouldn't it be awesome if she had won? The winner got to train with FNC Entertainment, home of CNBlue, FTIsland, Juniel and AOA. Luckily the episodes were uploaded on YouTube so that all can enjoy this program. Enjoy!

Episode 1

New K-Pop - Good Morning Baby by A Pink

I can accept A Pink's cuteness. Haha. I don't know why. Maybe simply because their songs are catchy? The ladies of A Pink have released their new digital single 'Good Morning Baby' commemorating their 1000th day since debut. Enjoy!

New K-Pop - Lonely by B1A4

My new favourite act, B1A4, is back with a brand new song and album. Lonely is an uptempo ballad with I would say a country tinge to it. I would have to give this a good listen before I decide if this should be in my playlist. In the mean time, enjoy!

2013 in K-Pop: Best Non-Title Tracks

You've seen my top picks of the best songs of 2013 and they are only limited to the title tracks. The truth is, I found that so many of my favourites are non-title tracks. Tracks that are included in EPs and albums but doesn't get the MV and music show performance treatments. So I wanted to have a list of those tracks that I enjoyed and people should give a listen to. Here are 10 non-title tracks that I love.

Eric Nam - Love Song
My favourite track off his Cloud 9 album. This is just a lovely song. Propose to your loved ones with this or just use it to confess your cute love towards each other. Hehe.

New K-Pop - Thank You For My Love by VIXX

VIXX has released the official music video of Thank You For My Love which is a track taken off their first album, Voodoo. The video is a collection of videos of the VIXX members during their birthday celebrations, as well as showcase performances. Enjoy!

New K-Pop: La Song & 30 Sexy by Rain

Rain has returned to the music scene with not 1 but 2 tracks for your viewing pleasure. Although he is no longer with JYP, the song 30 Sexy does still have that JYP flavor to it. La Song sort of has that Latin feel to it. I'm only a K-pop fan since 2012 so a bit unfamiliar with Rain's music. If anyone can persuade me into liking his music, by all means. I'm sure they're suppose to be good seeing how popular he is. Between these 2 songs, which do you like better? I like 30 Sexy better.

30 Sexy

La Song

buzz KOREA

New K-Pop: Something by TVXQ

Let's kick start 2014 with the anticipated comeback of TVXQ. They just released Something off their upcoming 7th album Tense. It has that big band/jazz/swing feel to it. I'm not enjoying the fake tattoo fad K-Pop artists are adopting lately. Don't get that. Anyway, enjoy!

Happy New Year 2014!

A new year has dawned upon us and hopefully a greater year is ahead! ;)