Best of Korea: Ski Resorts in Gangwon

I absolutely love winter in Korea! Can't wait to go there again during this time. Cold weather beats hot weather anytime for me. My first trip to Korea, I experienced temperatures down to -20 degrees yet I love the experience. So far on my trips, I've only managed to go to 2 ski resorts. Lots of things you can do there like skiing, snowboarding and just plain old snow ball fight.
Forget going to Europe or America to experience snow. This is why I love Korea. They have everything to enjoy all seasons. My trips in the winter has to be to the ski resorts to ski and just play with snow! I've been to Alpensia Resort and also Vivaldi Park. Both are huge estate offering the best snow experience. Both are located in Gangwon as it is the province with all the mountain range that snows the most.
All geared up!Mum trying out the dreaded boots
The dog at the Ski shop is called Black
At both times I get to try a hand at skiing. I'm not a sporty guy so trying out something that could harm me is not my thing but I just brave myself into trying it. If you're on a tour, they'll of course bring you to the ski shop to get your ski outfits and boots. I hate the trying on boots part. They hurt and apparently it has to be tight to ensure stability. Once you feel no blood rushing to your feet, then that's the boot. Kidding.
It's only end of November but the snow is already thickening
Mr Song our tour guide cum instructor
Then off we go to the slopes. Walking to the slopes itself is risky as you might slip. My aunt fell like 4 times before reaching the slopes. Felt sorry for her. The learning part is easy to grasp. Basic manoeuvres of skiing is not that hard but once you on a proper slope, then you'll understand the challenge. Controlling the speed is the key. Once I couldn't stop from skiing too fast I ended up almost crashing into the hotel! Luckily they taught us how to drop sideways as last resort.
Me attempting to ski
The rest of the crew just hang around at the back. Boo hoo!
On my trip to Vivaldi Park I got to practice more of skiing. This time it felt easier and I had control. I just wish I wasn't so afraid to just let the speed carry me. After a day of fun, I got to eat hot ramyeon at the food court. While I was at Vivaldi, snow started falling heavily so everything got covered in snow. Even the van we came in. Nevertheless, I loved the experience! I just love playing with snow. I'm definitely going back again.

You can read about my experience at Alpensia here and here.
After the fun, eat some hot ramyeon
A lot of snow fell while we were skiing that it now covers the area

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