Album Review: Overdose EP by EXO-K

EXO is back with a new mini album! In time before kicking off their first solo tour, the boys release a new album containing 5 new tracks including the title track Overdose. Since EXO's first album was the best album of 2013 for me, of course I'm excited for this comeback. Can't wait to hear new sound from them.

I pray so hard that they don't turn to SHINee going all dance/dubstep, way different from their original R&B roots. In this album, the boys still have that pop R&B sound intact with even much amplifier. As a whole, I love the vibe the album has. Very fierce, sexy yet still being pop and radio friendly.

Track by track review:
  1. Overdose - an overdose of fierce pop fun beats that'll get you in a some sort of crazy locking dance steps. Nevermind about the girl being addictive, you'll be addicted to this track instead. From start to finish, you just wanna rock out! Definitely deserve the main track title.
  2. Moonlight - A slow R&B jam about telling the girl of your dream to stop being with that bad man (At least that's what I think the lyrics mean). You'll feel sorry but can't help think that this is a sexy song.
  3. Thunder - Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! My favourite line. This track oozes with great R&B beats infused with a bit of dance. Favourite track other than Overdose.
  4. Run - A upbeat pop track with anthem-like chorus. The lyrics talks about running away to a better place. This is definitely what's gonna be playing in the background when you're doing that.
  5. Love, Love, Love - It has that Justin Timberlake vibe to it yet fell short of being a memorable track despite the potentially memorable title. It's an OK track but not one you'd be hitting replay instantly. 

Overall, a great effort from EXO again! SM really knows how to pick not just good, but great songs. I hope they keep it up! Guys, definitely get the album!

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