My new interest: K-Pop!

It's been a while since my last post. Planned a few posts but never got to finish them. I also went on vacation to South Korea about 2 weeks ago. As usual, I'll get obsessed with the places I visit. I'm hoping to write about my adventures in upcoming posts. Ever since the trip, I've been tuning in to KBS World and immersed myself in Korean Dramas and K-pop! Haha... It might just be a phase but while I'm at it, might as well write about it. Here are videos of K-pop songs that I'm really into right now. Any of them your favourite or maybe I manage to make you like them?

This is probably an obvious choice. Before I came to Korea, I didn't have deep knowledge of K-pop. The famous one I remember was Wonder Girls' Nobody.

Take a look at more after the break.

I know about 2pm in the Seoul advert a few years back and kinda liked the song 'Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom).

I know about Girls' Generation when I was hunting for TVs. The Samsung ones always show the girls' videos. When I came back I looked up about them. I found out that Girls' Generation are starting to make a mark in the US with performances on David Letterman and Live! with Kelly. Not bad. They're going far. This is 'The Boys'

Besides the Seoul song, 2pm also have other songs I like. I remember seeing the video for 'I'll Be Back' on TV and an Akademi Fantasia contestant sang it.

'Mr. Taxi' is another song by Girls' Generation that I knew about when I was attending a K-pop themed dinner with a client company. The female employees had to dance to this song.

The boy bands, I've only listened to 2pm. Dunno about the rest. Super Junior, Big Bang etc. I don't know what's their famous song. Here's 2pm's latest song 'Hands Up'.

After reading about Wonder Girls, I found out they had a movie made for the US. Here's the single they just released called 'The DJ Is Mine'. Easier when there's an English version. :)

I also like Wonder Girls' 'Be My Baby' and SNSD's 'Gee' to name a few. I found out that not every member of all these K-pop artists are genuinely South Koreans. Some even born in the US. Maybe to make it easier when they expand to the rest of the world. Impressed how a small country is able to make such a big influence to the music industry around the world. Hope you like them. Any good recommendations?


  1. Hi, welcome to Kpop ^^
    I found your blog just now when I was watching your fancam of UKISS in Hari Belia.
    I am a big fan of SM Ent. artists - TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and their latest group, EXO.
    I personally like SNSD's Genie/Tell Me Your Wish, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, A.Mi.Go and Replay ( mostly their choreography is really complex &amazing yet they managed to give flawless live performances every time )
    and EXO (both EXO K & EXO M) debut EP, MAMA. Try listening to EXO's EP. The songs are really good. Plus, you can choose either to listen to the Korean version by EXO K, or the Chinese version by EXO M.
    So..yeah that's my recommendation for you. Sorry if it doesn't suit your preference.

  2. thx! I like SM artists too! esp. SNSD and SHINee. I have in fact listened to EXO-K's MAMA. It's very grand. Probably needs a few listen for me to really like it.

  3. As I'm already familiar with SMP sound so it's kind of easy for me to like the beat. What I like the most about MAMA is the lyrics. Very deep, very meaningful. It reflects on the society nowadays. It matches the mood and the orchestra sound of the song. :)


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