Game Review - Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 was the last game I bought so I thought of reviewing it after playing it for a while. It is the sequel to the best-selling dance game on Kinect, Dance Central (obviously). It came from the same developer that brought Rock Band, Harmonix. Read my review after the break.
When I played Dance Central, I always started with the 'Break Down' mode to properly learn the steps, then go for the performance of each level of each song in order. This kinda took a while and I end up not finishing the game. So this time, I'm gonna try to skip the 'Break Down' mode and go with the flow. Some of the steps are similar to steps already in Dance Central so it's faster to learn. The tracks on Dance Central 2 I would say is more mainstream which makes it more fun and not feel like a routine. There are also songs I've never heard before but I've grown to like, such as Meddle by Little Boots, I Wish For You by Exile, Real Love by Mary J. Blige and Run by Gnarls Barkley. With 400 points, you'll be able to import the first game's tracks into this game as well. First game's DLC is playable as well as new DLC exclusive to the new game. Another new feature of the game is the ability to play with another player at the same time. This makes the experience more fun when you play with friends, as opposed to the Battle mode last time where you take turns.

They improved the Break Down mode to be able for players to focus on a move rather than a whole song. The campaign mode, called 'Crew Challenge' is now separated from the normal song list in which you try to impress the different crews to their challenges and ultimately meet the secret crew (Haven't reached that). My play this time focused more on their new 'Fitness' mode to get a good workout out of it. Previously, it just adds a calorie counter in the top left corner of the screen but this time it features pre-defined playlists for continuous play. No more the need to navigate by each song. However, they did away with the calorie counter and only tell you when you burn 25 calories which is odd or played for 10 minutes. Wasn't a really big deal for me. Also, you can customize a playlist so that you can include those songs you like. I read an article that compares all the games that involves physical activities and DC2 came out on top burning as much calories as jogging. True or not, at least you're having fun while working out.

You can now play with another player at the same time

Overall, the game has improved a lot to make it a more enjoyable experience. Better list of songs, easier and faster ways to learn and also better multiplayer experience. Whether you want a game to help you work out or a party game to play with friends (if you're not embarassed to dance in front them), this is a great choice.


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