Best of Korea - Apgujeong, SM, JYP and Cube Cafe

What is every K-Pop fan's visit to Seoul without visiting the management companies buildings. My 2nd trip to Korea, as it is with my K-pop fan friend, we decided to go search for the 3 common buildings people usually go: SM, JYP and Cube.

The buildings are around the Cheongdam area. There's not really a subway station nearby but buses can take you to these places. The first time I went, I started my journey from the Apgujeong station as we also went to other places like JYJ Yoochun's Time Out Gelato parlor (now no more) and Super Junior's Kona Beans. From the station, we walked all the way towards Cheongdam enjoying the view of Apgujeong at night. They say this is where the Rodeo Drive of Seoul is. Indeed the malls here are for the posh.
The vibrant Galleria at Apgujeong
The other side of Galleria at Apgujeong
As the day gets dark, we continued along the road. You'll find one of the SM building along the road. The first time I came it was just a plain building with the SMTown signage. Last November, I see that they were renovating the place so it had huge posters of SM artistes.
SM Town building in 2012
Last November, it was under construction
Catch Me was being promoted in 2012I guess it will soon be a Global Artist Training Center
As I continued along the street, I need to enter an alley way on my left to head towards the JYP and Cube buildings. Almost gave up as it was quite far apart from the SM building. We finally arrived at an intersection where you can see the JYP building with posters of their artistes' latest releases decorating the windows. Opposite the building is the infamous Dunkin Donuts where they say fans usually wait to get a glimpse of any idols. Inside you can see autographs of idols decorating the walls.
JYP bulding in Nov 2012JYP building in Nov 2013. Looks almost the same.

Cube cafe was nearby but I almost didn't go there as I couldn't figure out which road to take from JYP. It's literally just 1 building away yet I thought nothing was there as I didn't see many people around the street. I continued and I see the cafe staring at me with a huge Roh Ji Hoon poster. The latest I came they were promoting Shin Ji Hoon. Cube was the best for me as you can enjoy some food and drinks at the cafe and if you're lucky enough meet the idols there. When I was there the first time, we saw Minhyuk of BTOB heading towards the studio at the back! I was too slow to run out and grab my camera to take any pics though. On my 2nd time I now see a building nearby with Cube logo as well. Must be the main building.
Cube cafe on my first time in Nov 2012
Cube cafe in Nov 2013
Cube studio at the back of the cafeCube building nearby
So there you have it. On my second time I took the bus so that I arrive at the stop nearest to these buildings. Nothing much you can do except if you have the patience to wait outside. I would love to try to visit YG building and maybe locate where NH Media is so that I can meet U-KISS maybe?


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