Best of Korea: Cafes

This is a bit less of a specific landmark. I just wanted to write something about the abundance of coffee shops around Korea itself. I'm not really a fan of coffee besides Nescafe but my sister was excited at the fact that there's so many coffee shops around Korea. We went on a hunt to the various cafes, tried out their drinks and cookies as well as get some free souvenirs out of them.
My sister's collection of coffee cup holders from the cafes we visited.

On the locations, there's nothing much I can tell you except that every major city you're sure to find at least one coffee shop. International branded shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts would have Korea specific items that you'll want to look out for like unique Starbucks cards and K-Pop idols endorsed food. 
B2ST endorsed Dunkin Donut drinks
Get Korea specific Starbucks cards
If you're bored of those international brands you can find at your own country, have a look out for local branded coffee shop franchises like Tom n Toms, Hollys, Ediya and Tous les Jours.
Had Tom n Toms for breakfast in Busan
Garlic Cheese Toast. Yum!
Hollys Coffee for breakfast in Seoul
Chocolate covered waffles!
And then there's the unique ones like themed (Hello Kitty, Cat cafe) and those owned by K-Pop Idols. I went to Hello Kitty cafe. It was located very near to the famous Hongdae are yet people seem to get the map all wrong. We ended up taking more time to find it. I also got to go to Super Junior Yesung's cafe Mouse Rabbit as well as Leeteuk, Kyuhyun and Sungmin's Kona Bean coffee shop.

Yesung's Mouse Rabbit cafe
Simple Interior
Coffee counter at Mouse Rabbit
Ask me out if you require any of the directions. I'll see if I can remember them. ;)

More interior shots at Mouse Rabbit
Stairs to the upper floor of Mouse Rabbit

I love this shot I took at Mouse Rabbit. Looks nice.

buzz KOREA


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