New K-Pop - Like a Star by K.Will

Here's a song from the OST of My Love from Another Star. Sung by K.Will, it's called Like a Star. I'm trying to start to watch the drama. Haven't caught much of my attention so far (any recommendation of K-Drama?) but love the song. Enjoy!

What R U Watching? - K-Pop Star Hunt Season 3

I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately as I only have the free-to-air channels in my home (saving money). So on weekends when I'm back at my parents' I would watch Channel M on HyppTV. One of the programs I followed was K-Pop Star Hunt Season 3. I wasn't following it initially as I found the previous 2 seasons a bit boring. This year, the representative from Malaysia is Putri which caught my attention so I started watching it. Wouldn't it be awesome if she had won? The winner got to train with FNC Entertainment, home of CNBlue, FTIsland, Juniel and AOA. Luckily the episodes were uploaded on YouTube so that all can enjoy this program. Enjoy!

Episode 1

New K-Pop - Good Morning Baby by A Pink

I can accept A Pink's cuteness. Haha. I don't know why. Maybe simply because their songs are catchy? The ladies of A Pink have released their new digital single 'Good Morning Baby' commemorating their 1000th day since debut. Enjoy!

New K-Pop - Lonely by B1A4

My new favourite act, B1A4, is back with a brand new song and album. Lonely is an uptempo ballad with I would say a country tinge to it. I would have to give this a good listen before I decide if this should be in my playlist. In the mean time, enjoy!

2013 in K-Pop: Best Non-Title Tracks

You've seen my top picks of the best songs of 2013 and they are only limited to the title tracks. The truth is, I found that so many of my favourites are non-title tracks. Tracks that are included in EPs and albums but doesn't get the MV and music show performance treatments. So I wanted to have a list of those tracks that I enjoyed and people should give a listen to. Here are 10 non-title tracks that I love.

Eric Nam - Love Song
My favourite track off his Cloud 9 album. This is just a lovely song. Propose to your loved ones with this or just use it to confess your cute love towards each other. Hehe.

New K-Pop - Thank You For My Love by VIXX

VIXX has released the official music video of Thank You For My Love which is a track taken off their first album, Voodoo. The video is a collection of videos of the VIXX members during their birthday celebrations, as well as showcase performances. Enjoy!

New K-Pop: La Song & 30 Sexy by Rain

Rain has returned to the music scene with not 1 but 2 tracks for your viewing pleasure. Although he is no longer with JYP, the song 30 Sexy does still have that JYP flavor to it. La Song sort of has that Latin feel to it. I'm only a K-pop fan since 2012 so a bit unfamiliar with Rain's music. If anyone can persuade me into liking his music, by all means. I'm sure they're suppose to be good seeing how popular he is. Between these 2 songs, which do you like better? I like 30 Sexy better.

30 Sexy

La Song

buzz KOREA

New K-Pop: Something by TVXQ

Let's kick start 2014 with the anticipated comeback of TVXQ. They just released Something off their upcoming 7th album Tense. It has that big band/jazz/swing feel to it. I'm not enjoying the fake tattoo fad K-Pop artists are adopting lately. Don't get that. Anyway, enjoy!

Happy New Year 2014!

A new year has dawned upon us and hopefully a greater year is ahead! ;)