2013 in K-Pop: Best Non-Title Tracks

You've seen my top picks of the best songs of 2013 and they are only limited to the title tracks. The truth is, I found that so many of my favourites are non-title tracks. Tracks that are included in EPs and albums but doesn't get the MV and music show performance treatments. So I wanted to have a list of those tracks that I enjoyed and people should give a listen to. Here are 10 non-title tracks that I love.

Eric Nam - Love Song
My favourite track off his Cloud 9 album. This is just a lovely song. Propose to your loved ones with this or just use it to confess your cute love towards each other. Hehe.

Sistar - The Way You Make Me Melt
Sistar's album is the best female group album. Each tracks are radio-friendly in their own way. This one in particular has that sweet love kind of hip hop flavor.

EXO - Heart Attack
This is a haunting dance track and would've been a better title track than Wolf I think. It has a dark theme and I think the choreography would look cool.

VIXX - Say U Say Me
From their Voodoo album, this is a pure pop anthem. Roll down your window and enjoy the sunny outdoor on your way to the beach while listening to this.

VIXX - Don't Want to be an Idol
This somehow reminds me of the good old days of late 90's early 2000's pop ballads. My favourite VIXX track of them all.

EXO - Baby Don't Cry
With EXO having the best album of 2013, I just can't pick a favourite. I so wanted a proper MV released for this as it's just a great R&B track, at least to compliment Wolf.

2AM - Just Stay
2AM's latest EP is a much much improvement over One Spring Day. I'm torn between To An Angel and this for my favourite. Both are completely different tracks but are just powerful vocally.

EXO - Peter Pan
The first time I listened to it, the intro just caught my attention. It has that uplifting chorus that makes you feel inspired. Sort of how BTOB's Stand Up made me feel.

Hong Dae Kwang
This is such a tear-jerker. The melody, the lyrics, your heart will break just listening to this. Beautifully crafted from every angle.

U-KISS - Mysterious Lady
I enjoyed their EP Moments a little to late to have it in my best album list. This track is a tune! I just can't get enough of how catchy this song is. K-Pop to the max.

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