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New K-Pop - Sleep Well, Goodnight by B1A4

The next few months we'll probably have a lot of new K-Pop as there are quite a number of idol groups getting ready to make their combacks. Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM are all gonna be releasing new music soon. But before that, there's still good music coming from newer acts right now. This week's new K-Pop is from the group B1A4. I've heard of their song 'Beautiful Target' which sounded a bit like Black Eyed Peas' I Got a Feeling but other than that, wasn't really impressed. Until I heard their new song, Sleep Well, Goodnight. After listening to its catchy chorus, I was hooked! It's like a simple innocent feel good song that you want to be listening while hangin' out with friends chillin' by the beach. Kinda brings you back to the days of Euro pop dance acts like Vengaboys or Aqua. But this is a million times better! Enjoy! Lyrics after the break.

Latest Running Man - Episode 96

The 2nd Part of the Park Ji Sung Special is now up at KShowNow. This episode features UI joining the hosts and footballer in racing to win cash to spend in Thailand. The first game was a 2 vs 7 football match. It then followed with the race mission around Incheon. Click on the image to watch the episode. Check out my after thoughts after the break.

New Music - The Fighter (Featuring Ryan Tedder) by Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes just released the video for its new single 'The Fighter' which features additional vocals by Ryan Tedder. The song is actually from the 2011 album Papercut Chronicles II and released as a single after the success of Stereo Hearts and Back Home. Knew about this song last year thanks to Shazam when I heard it playing in a store. Enjoy!

U-KISS @ Hari Belia Negara 2012

Yesterday I managed to go to Putrajaya to catch U-KISS performing live for the Hari Belia Negara 2012 (National Youth Day). I thought I was gonna be late arriving at 9pm but luckily they just started! After my dissappointing first K-Pop concert with SNSD during Twin Towers @ Live 2012 (Only manage to watch from far), finally manage to watch a satisfying concert. Yeay! Here are some videos of their performance I manage to capture. Enjoy!

New K-Pop - Father (아버지) by BtoB

This week's new K-Pop is from the new rookie male group BtoB. After debuting with Insane, they turn things around and release this ballad. I must say I'm impressed with their vocals. Usually if you sing up-tempo, you'd stick with it but these guys proved to everyone that they can definitely sing (Damn, a lot of Koreans have huge vocals!). The song is dedicated to the main man in all our lives, our abeoji aka Dad. And so I'd like to dedicate this song to my Dad. Love ya Dad! Wish he can understand it though. Anyway, enjoy! Lyrics after the break.

Movie Review - What to Expect When You're Expecting

Last Sunday I thought I'd treat my mum and sis to watch this movie at the cinema since my parents are suddenly into going to the movies nowadays. What I did know initially about the movie was that it was based on a best-selling book. So I thought, this can't be that bad. And look at the star-studded cast. Check out my quick review of this comedy after the break.

New Music - Payphone by Maroon 5

In conjunction with his appearance on The Voice, Adam Levine and his bandmates has released a new single called Payphone which features Wiz Khalifa. This is considered 2012's Moves Like Jagger. It's an up-tempo "ballad" of sort which I thought was something totally different from what Maroon 5 has released before. It's more pop than rock. Nevertheless, it's still a good and catchy track. Check out the lyrics after the break. Enjoy!

K-Pop Concerts Lined Up at Yeosu Expo 2012

Newsflash! If you're planning to visit Korea and get a chance to see your favourite K-Pop acts perform live, now is probably the time as a whole line-up of popular K-Pop artists are set to perform over a series of concerts during the Yeosu Expo 2012 period. The table below lists the line up scheduled to perform so far. The concert is free but of course you'll need to pay for admissions to the Expo. Good thing is that Expo looks like it's gonna an awesome event. Wish I could go... More info here.

New K-Pop - Twinkle by TaeTiSeo

If you're anticipating new songs from Girls' Generation, this might be good enough. SM has created a sub-unit of GG consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. The song has a tinge of Motown but with more modern beats. To me Motown is great but it might get a bit boring after a lot of replaying. It does feels like something familiar you've heard ages ago. But for now, I'm still enjoying it. I also like the other song in this EP titled Baby Steps. Ok now I can't decide who my favourite GG member is as I've fallen for Taeyeon too! Enjoy! Lyrics and links after the break.

New Music - LaserLight by Jessie J

Jessie J releases another single from her re-released debut album Who You Are, this time with the help of David Guetta. After Domino, I think she's trying to capture the American market by making more commercial pop/dance songs. I would say they are different from her previous efforts like Do It Like A Dude, Nobody's Perfect & Who You Are. The song has some sort of similar build up like Fireworks by Katy Perry. Either way, it's worth a listen. Lyrics and links after the break. Enjoy!

Latest Running Man - Episode 94

The latest subbed episode of Running Man is now available thanks to KShowNow. This week's episode is themed Wedding Race. It continues last week's guest appearance by Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyu-ri from Kara, HyunA from 4Minute, Krystal from f(x) and Suzy from miss A. Looks like the hosts and guests are divided into couples and dressed up in wedding attire as they race. Which couple will win? Let's watch! Click on the image to view the episode and I'll follow up with my review of the episode. My review is after the break.

Album Review - Hands Up by 2PM

My first ever K-Pop album was my album purchase for the month of March (I sorta have a budget to follow ;p). Since my first exposure to K-Pop was thanks to 2PM's Fly to Seoul and I'll Be Back, I thought it would be worthwhile to check out the rest of the album. And sure enough I have no regrets. Check my well overdue review of the album after the break.

Buy this album from YesAsia here!

New Music - Chasing the Sun by The Wanted

So proud that The Wanted are now even more famous than ever! I'm glad I had the chance to meet them when they were over here and still practically unknown. With the success of Glad You Came in the US, it's time for them to release a new song to keep the momentum going. And so Chasing the Sun is born. This was a new song featured in their US EP and will soon be released in the UK. The track is a little more darker than GYC but will still get you humming to its beats. The US EP features a couple of new songs and also songs from their first 2 UK album. You can check out my review of their 2nd album Battleground here. Enjoy! Lyrics and links after the break.

New K-Pop - Amazing by U-Kiss

I think U-Kiss is the most underrated K-Pop act right now. Their songs are good but they are often overlooked. I liked their previous song 0330 which was a really sad song. They are now back with a new EP called DoraDora. I like the title track but no as much as the other track in that EP called Amazing. This song I would say is more radio-friendly and should've been the lead single. Hope they released a video and perform this on music chart shows to make it heard by everyone. In the meantime, enjoy the audio! Lyrics and links to purchase are after the break.

Latest Running Man - Episode 93

The latest running man man is out at KShowNow. This episode featured 5 guests from top female idol groups, Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyu-ri from Kara, HyunA from 4Minute, Krystal from f(x) and returning Suzy from miss A. The theme this week was Survival Game. I haven't been able to watch it in full yet but the Running Man first votes for the person they want to get eliminated. Then they have to attempt to take off the nametag of the person with the most votes within the given time. Not sure when the guests comes in. Haven't reached that part. If the most voted is eliminated within the given time, they will not proceed to the next round. The final mission will have them try to survive each other and also gain advantage or disadvantage by meeting the guests in around the last location. Enjoy it first by clicking the image below and I'll update with my review a little later. My review is after the break.

Best of the Unreleased: A Million More Years by Olly Murs

Been a while since I introduced some good unreleased English songs. I thought I'd make this time special by making a music video out of the track. The song, A Million More Years was featured in Olly Murs' debut self-titled album. When I finally got the album, it was around the time Captain America was released last year. I find that the love story portion of the movie kinda fits the song. Hope I can make more but it's really time consuming. Anyway, enjoy this one for now! Lyrics and links to purchase his album are after the break.

Best of the Best: Running Man Episode 8

This was one of the earlier episodes where they had a few missions to determine the winning team. It features guests Lee Joon from MBLAQ, Victoria from f(x) and Park Jun-Gyu. I liked this episode simply because the MCs were hilarious in carrying out their missions especially the first 2, the chopstick breaking and clothes peg tug-of-war mission. They looked definitely painful. This was also the first episode Gary confesses that he like Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo was still very shy back then. The hide-and-seek mission was different in that those hiding have alarms attached to them so that the seekers can find out their location. The last segment showed clips of the MCs before joining Running Man. Enjoy!

Running Man Ep08-1by zhimingq

New K-Pop: Cherry Blossom Ending (벚꽃 엔딩) by Busker Busker (버스커 버스커)

Here's a new song from a new band called Busker Busker. They rose to fame after coming in runner-up in the talent competition Superstar K3 on Mnet. After taking a short break since the competition, they are now back with their debut self-titled album. Their sound is no typical K-Pop, more like what their name stands for. I like this song because of its simplicity. Once you enjoy the melody, you'll get hooked. Lyrics and links after the break. Enjoy!

Trip to South Korea - Day 7 & 8

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I'm finally at my last post on my travel to South Korea which happened earlier this year. How fast time flies by. The next days were spent around Seoul checking out places to shop and the historic sites around town. Check my full post after the break.