Latest Running Man - Episode 93

The latest running man man is out at KShowNow. This episode featured 5 guests from top female idol groups, Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyu-ri from Kara, HyunA from 4Minute, Krystal from f(x) and returning Suzy from miss A. The theme this week was Survival Game. I haven't been able to watch it in full yet but the Running Man first votes for the person they want to get eliminated. Then they have to attempt to take off the nametag of the person with the most votes within the given time. Not sure when the guests comes in. Haven't reached that part. If the most voted is eliminated within the given time, they will not proceed to the next round. The final mission will have them try to survive each other and also gain advantage or disadvantage by meeting the guests in around the last location. Enjoy it first by clicking the image below and I'll update with my review a little later. My review is after the break.

They shouldn't have emphasized too much on the guests this week as they only appear in the last mission and for only a few minutes. The real missions with the guests will start next week. Kim Jong Kook must be so tough that none of the hosts decide to stick together and try to fight him regardless of the others being eliminated. Maybe there was a rule to not hang with each other for too long? I thought it was a mistake for them to ally with Jong Kook and eliminate the weakest members first. This was apparent as in the end Mr Jong Kook himself took care of the others. If they managed to took out Kim Jong Kook, and eliminated the stronger players, it could've ended up being an interesting race among the weaker player. At least it could've given them more screen time. Maybe the race is fixed? I dunno, hope not. I thought the voting method and how the guests provided advantage to their chosen host was something fresh and interesting. Overall a good episode. Can't wait for next week's wedding themed race!


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