Album Review - Hands Up by 2PM

My first ever K-Pop album was my album purchase for the month of March (I sorta have a budget to follow ;p). Since my first exposure to K-Pop was thanks to 2PM's Fly to Seoul and I'll Be Back, I thought it would be worthwhile to check out the rest of the album. And sure enough I have no regrets. Check my well overdue review of the album after the break.

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For long time 2pm fans, this wouldn't have been a proper album as only half is filled with new songs. The rest include their previous singles and 2 remixes. For a new fan like me, this is exactly what I need. All their best songs so far in 1 album. The set starts off with the title track Hands Up which is a catchy club thumper. The lyrics just get you hooked instantly. It follows with the synth heavy Electricity. It has a smoother groove than Hands Up but still gets you in dance mode. Give it to me relaxes things a bit with its R&B pop flavor eventhough the pace picks up during the choruses. The sole new ballad in the set is Like A Movie. I liked this a lot as it showcases the members' vocal abilities more. Junsu definitely has the best voice. My favourite track out of all is Don't You Know. Simply because it has that old school vibe going which I like a lot. This could've been a hit single. The last new track is another favourite of mine called Hot. This is definitely more fast paced than any of their tracks combined and it's written by none other than member Junsu!

The previous singles part of the album starts with Without U. It took me a while to like this as I initially didn't thought the chorus strong enough. I'll Be Back is definitely my favourite 2PM track. Its awesome dance beat, add with the addictive lyrics makes it a well made song. Their running man & shuffle dance in the music video makes it even better! I Can't and Thank You are ballad made with simplicity in mind. They're not mindblowing but still likable. You'll even sing along to it after a few listen. The 2 remixes of Hands Up and Electricity bring up a the pace a notch from their original versions. Gives a different listen so that you don't feel like you're listening to the same song. I like the last track, Don't Stop Can't Stop. It reminded me of Fort Minor's Remember The Name a bit and is definitely a great way to end the album.

I have to say this was definitely worth purchasing. I enjoyed every single song in the album. As a new K-Pop fan back then, this album definitely introduced me to 2PM's finest works so far. If you want a K-Pop album where every song is enjoyable and different, get this!

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