Movie Review - What to Expect When You're Expecting

Last Sunday I thought I'd treat my mum and sis to watch this movie at the cinema since my parents are suddenly into going to the movies nowadays. What I did know initially about the movie was that it was based on a best-selling book. So I thought, this can't be that bad. And look at the star-studded cast. Check out my quick review of this comedy after the break.

What to Expect tells the story of how 5 couples cope with the ups and downs of expecting a child into their world. There's Elizabeth Banks who plays a woman trying very hard to get a baby after so long, as opposed to her step-mother-in-law played by Brooklyn Decker who is easily impregnated at the same time. There's also Cameron Diaz who plays a fitness reality show host who got pregnant with her dancing partner. Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who is unable to carry a child and decides to adopt an Ethiopian child while Anna Kendrick plays a young girl who got pregnant after just one sex encounter with an old high school flame. Together we watch the joys and perils that these characters go through to face the world of parenthood.

What I should've looked up about the book it's based on is that it was actually a pregnancy guide book, which means the stories in this movie are just made up and inspired by the guides in the book. Compare to adapting a movie, you're basically coming up with new materials which may or may not fail in a movie. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to its expectations. Sure there are some laughs here and there but to me, it just fell flat. Pity that all the stars were underused and had to share screen time by having the number of lines for each of them reduced to boring typical dialogues. Not much character development and there were no chemistry felt among the couples. And what's up with The Dudes gang?? I don't get the point either. They should've just stick to making the movie geared towards the females rather than trying to attract the males. Rather dissappointed with the outcome.

Bottom line, what to expect? Don't expect much. The film is full of clichés that you just don't feel any care for the characters. Not sure who this movie is targeted for. There's not really much of romance to call it a romantic comedy, not really chick flick cuz it has pregnant chicks talking about parenthood. Just skip this one.


  1. Went to watch it last weekend with my girlfriend. I absolutely agree with your opinion, the movie has an all-star cast, but the overall movie was just average at best.


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