Latest Running Man - Episode 94

The latest subbed episode of Running Man is now available thanks to KShowNow. This week's episode is themed Wedding Race. It continues last week's guest appearance by Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyu-ri from Kara, HyunA from 4Minute, Krystal from f(x) and Suzy from miss A. Looks like the hosts and guests are divided into couples and dressed up in wedding attire as they race. Which couple will win? Let's watch! Click on the image to view the episode and I'll follow up with my review of the episode. My review is after the break.

This was another hilarious episode. From last week's result, Jong Kook chose who among the hosts and guests will couple with each other. I hated the fact that they made Ji Hyo look like an old bride. Why can't be wear a better wedding dress? The first mission I thought was a bit chaotic as I didn't get what was the objective initially. Then the way it was conducted was too messy with the couples fighting with each other to press the buzzer. Things got better when the PD suggests them to line up. The 2nd mission was reminiscing the snap a photo mission they use to have in the early days. Reminded me of the time Gary was always the one with the calm face. That mission was hilarious. The 3rd mission was similar to the Beijing challenge at the Great Wall of China. I thought 10 seconds was a bit far-fetched for them to run the distance cause it looked like 100m. I mean the fastest man on earth could only do it in 8-9 secs. Maybe it was less than 100m since Jong Kook can do it. Then again he is the Commander. The last race was another hilarious moment. All the couple gang up against Jong Kook and Gary couples. It was hilarious to see them all hyped up even though they haven't got anyone. They should've brought Gary in. Then we could see them all go after Jong Kook. But given Gary's advantage, that was probably a good decision. Overall a funny show.


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