Latest Running Man - Episode 96

The 2nd Part of the Park Ji Sung Special is now up at KShowNow. This episode features UI joining the hosts and footballer in racing to win cash to spend in Thailand. The first game was a 2 vs 7 football match. It then followed with the race mission around Incheon. Click on the image to watch the episode. Check out my after thoughts after the break.

Another hilarious episode! Park Ji Sung actually picked Kwang Soo to be his partner in the football match. Haha. The return of the super powers brought so much laughter to the game. Impressive that the hosts came so close to beating Park's team. Haha's power was cool but didn't help much. In the end, IU's power was the most impenetrable by Park. The race was somewhat a familiar game. I instantly thought of the game where they had to dance to make the pedometer count up til the amount of food they ate. Instead of dance, it was selling fish. Food looks yummy! The episode actually ended with a cliffhanger after the 2nd mission. Wonder what's in store for next week as I'm sure there's a lot going on. One with Park being a spy, which is probably for the last mission and another with Jae Suk's task. I guess Jae Suk won't be joining them in Thailand as I saw no photos of him filming in Thailand. Another fun filled episode. Liked it!


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