Album Review - Battleground by The Wanted

Ever since I went to the UK in 2010, I'm back to loving music from the UK. Over there, X-Factor, Boy/Girl Bands and Pop still reign supreme. One of the acts I started listening to was The Wanted. I loved their first album! Now they're back with their sophomore set, Battleground.

I loved their first single off the album, Gold Forever. It was an uplifting song that reminds us to cherish every moment in life. It was almost trying to be like All Time Low but a little mellower. Their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge acoustic version of it was even better (watch it below)! When they released 'Glad You Came', I wasn't a fan at first. It wasn't really their sound to do dance music. I guess that's the 'in' thing now. It grew on me but gets boring quickly. But it turned out to be their biggest hit yet! Lightning was about the same but with a better hook I would say. Their current single Warzone is my favourite of those 4. My favourite part was actually the haunting 'ooo' bridge between the 2nd and last chorus. Haha.. Reminded me of Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River'.

There are more tracks in the set that are single-worthy as well. I read they're releasing 'Invincible' as the next single. A sort of dance ballad about teenagers partying...I think. Weird lyrics about drinking, principals etc but I like the hook. But my favourite tracks of them all are Last To Know and Rocket. The drum beats in Last To Know got me hooked. Reminds me of Ryan Tedder with his big ballads for Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson. I do have a problem understanding the lyrics though. I don't understand if it's about breaking up or making up. Haha. Either way, I think it's a great track. They should go more in this direction. A kinda rock boyband. Rocket, written by Dianne Warren, is an inspirational song about wanting to soar high in the sky... I like that kind of message in a song. This would make a great X-Factor winner's song I think. I can imagine it. Haha.

I don't quite like the other tracks. Maybe it hasn't got me hooked. They just seemed like fillers. Or more like experimental tracks for the guys to hone their writing skills (they wrote a few tracks!). Felt that some didn't have good hooks (like I'll Be Your Strength and The Weekend). But then, this was the same case when I heard their first album. Only enjoyed up to like track 4 on first few listen. I started to like the other songs after a good few times of listening. Sometimes there are songs where you really need to take time to love it.

Bottom line, the album has enough blend of pop, dance and a bit of rock. They are not trying to be Backstreet Boys or 'NSYNC and I think some of the tracks are perfect for them. Identifies what sort of artists they are. Definitely should give it a listen!


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