What R U Watchin'? - Happy Endings!

There's so many great TV shows nowadays that you can't keep up! I used to like to watch dramas a lot back when I was studying. Smallville, Everwood, the CSI series etc. But now I get bored easily and enjoy comedy more. There's no denying Modern Family is one of the most funniest new shows right now. It's hilarious! This show also makes me laugh hard. It reminded me of Friends a little bit, but crazier.

Happy Endings tell the story of 6 friends living in Chicago (I think) surviving the every day challenges of life. There's Alex (Elisha Cuthbert, '24') and Dave (Zachary Knighton, 'FlashForward'), best friends who were suppose to get married but didn't when Alex ran out on her at the altar after having second thoughts. After a while, Alex returns so they have to learn to live with what happened if they still want to hang out with their other friends. There's Jane (Eliza Coupe, 'Scrubs'), Alex's sister, who kinda has OCD and likes to be in control, who married to Brad (Damon Wayans Jr., 'Dance Flick'), who seems weirdly gay but straight. The one who's really gay is Max (), who's also a lazy slob. Lastly there's Penny (Casey Wilson, 'SNL'), who's desperately seeking love hoping not to end up a spinster. Here's a clip from the first episode of Season 2.

The series started OK with the first episode but was unstable with the comedy throughout the first season. The 2nd season really made me love the show. The casts have great chemistry together and you could really feel like they were best friends. The show's not really blowing up the ratings although it airs right after Modern Family but luckily it has enough viewers to get a pick up. I hope it just gets better from here on. You guys should really check it out!

Official Site: http://abc.go.com/shows/happy-endings


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