Movie Review - Jack & Jill

Yeah I wanna blog again, but I forgot to decide what I want to write about. Hehe. Oh well... I watched Jack & Jill on the new year weekend so maybe I'll try to write my review on it. If you're looking for simply a funny movie to watch, why not give it a try...

Now I'm sometimes influenced by Rotten Tomatoes' tomatometer when deciding to watch a show, but since MI4 sold out, this seemed like a proper alternative to bring my parents to watch. Only like 5% of positive reviews. Boy was I worried...

Adam Sandler plays twins where Jack turned out to have the better life than the sad and lonely Jill. It's Thanksgiving and Jill is visiting...or so they thought. Jill extended her stay and Jack now has to live with the embarassments Jill brings to his life. Simple premise.

My verdict...I actually enjoyed it! It's what you'd expect from an Adam Sandler movie. A funny family movie with actually a good message. Jill is of course the star of the show. The others are just to support the story. There's definitely lots of laughs in it. By the end of the show, Jill is the one you'd feel sorry for. I guess when you watch a movie with low expectations, it doesn't turn out to be as bad as you'd expect it to be. So enjoy!


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