Album Review - Whatever by Hot Chelle Rae

I'm excited for this review. Why? Simply because I just wanna spread the word how good this album is! When Hot Chelle Rae first came out mainstream with 'Tonight Tonight', I thought they were gonna be a one hit wonder artist. Took them a while to get this out due to their original record company, Jive closing and moving all artists to RCA. Their album was finally released last November and it was worth the wait!

'Tonight Tonight' was the first single released from the album, peaking at no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. A fun party song perfect for the summer. This was later followed by the 2nd single, 'I Like It Like That'. It's in the same vein as 'Tonight Tonight' but its high pitched chorus just makes me wanna jump up n down even more. Haha. There's absolutely no bad song in this set. Enjoyed every single one of them. 'Honestly' is a great follow up to the first 2 songs as it tones the sound a bit but still keeps the momentum going. 'Keep You With Me' and 'The Only One' are up-tempo ballads that fits well in the album. 'Radio' and 'Whatever' brought back the momentum in the middle of the album. 'Forever Unstoppable' is sort of an inspirational song about overcoming obstacle and believing that anything's possible. The one song that's different from the rest is I think 'Why Don't You Love Me' as it slightly moved towards a bit of rock ballad. It features Demi Lovato. Nevertheless it was still a great song to listen to. On my initial listen to 'Downtown Girl', I felt it sounded a bit like Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'. Though I've grown to like this even more. 'Beautiful Freaks' is a bit closer to their previous sound. Preview each songs in the embedded soundcloud widget below.

Hot Chelle Rae 'Whatever' Album Sampler by matheuspietroski

The sound on this album is like a mix of Smash Mouth and All-American Rejects but heavy on the pop. I actually didn't expect them to have a pop album with their initial image. I thought 'Tonight Tonight' would just be used to entice listeners to buy a somewhat mediocre album but my guesses were wrong. It has high replay value. Been listening to the whole album over and over again since I bought it. Your first impression might say all the songs sound the same but with more listen you definitely can tell the difference. It's a fun party album to bring your mood up and make you jump. It's hard to find an album where you like all of the songs so I definitely would recommend you listen to it!


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