Best of the Unreleased - I'm Still Breathing by Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry! Haha... I have to admit I was captivated by her big round eyes when I first saw her. But of course, there's also the music. She just makes great pop song and her voice just suits the type of tracks she sings. Teenage Dream might've been her best album (very very high replay value) but she also had great songs in her debut that are worth listening to. One of them that I've recently been listening to is the other ballad in that album, I'm Still Breathing.

The meaning behind the song though can be interpreted to 2 things. It's about the relationship not going so well so either she's alluding her other half that they should just break up or she wants to end her life due to the lyrics about preparing for her funeral. Either way, I think it's smart for not being straight-forward. Hope you guys like it!


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