Best of the Unreleased - End of the World by Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis was the runner-up in the 6th season of American Idol. He's the one that loves to beatbox in his performances. Didn't really watch that season but I started to notice his music when he released his 1st single, 'Break Anotha' and then 'How Many Words' which I liked a lot. It's sort of a 90's club ballad. I bought his album, 'ADD: Audio Day Dream' after seeing it on sale at HMV last year and found a number of songs I like. One of them is 'End of the World'

The song is about the hope of finding love even if that happens at the end of the world. I find it inspiring especially for those that finds it hard to find love. No matter what, if it's meant to be, love will find its way. It has that 80's romance movie kind of theme. The song could have been a fitting soundtrack to 'Some Kind of Wonderful' if anyone remembered that movie. Hope you like it!


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