Happy New Year! ...it's gonna be the best year yet!

New year's resolution no. 1 - blog again... After an eventful 2010, 2011 was a bore in comparison. The year passed by just like that and i think i didn't really do much with my life. Let's compare...

1. Visited 4 different places - New York, Singapore, Sydney and London!
2. Had kidney stone - It was a life experience I'll never forget.
3. Moved into my own place!

1. Got a promotion!
2. The last project was over - Made great friends along the way but lost them when it was all over. Miss u guys!
3. No projects for 4 months!! - this got me worried, so not a good thing.

Here's to hoping 2012 bring me more excitement & meaning to my life...and everyone else as well. I'm gonna have to start listing out what resolution I aim to fulfil but gotta keep it to myself cuz I know when you tell people about it, it will never happen!

This is my theme song for the new year... Happy New Year!!!!

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