The Flash TV Series is Coming!

I haven't been watching any TV series lately. My short attention span and the abundance of TV shows to check just made me find it hard to follow any at the moment. I watch movies more now so that I can just complete a story and get on with the next. Haha. There's a new super hero TV show coming to your screen and this might just make me start following a series again.

The Flash series is a spin off of the Arrow series. I haven't had a chance to watch Arrow but from the buzz it's getting, who knows I might start to watch it. Anyway, the Flash is one of the prominent DC super heroes and definitely has a cool super power that can make good stories. The last Flash series in the 90's wasn't that bad either. I watched them on DVD. It's definitely time for an update. Here's a behind the scene look.

You can get the previous Flash series DVD from Amazon here.


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