Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

I got a chance to catch this movie for free last Thursday which was its premiere day over here. I hadn't watch animation in the cinema for a while as I felt usually the storyline would be more kid-friendly and they're not the blockbuster type of films that would look great on a big screen, unless they look visually stunning on 3D.

I downloaded and watched the first film but I kinda forgot the storyline. When I watched the trailer, I was shocked when I learned that the Hiccup had lost his foot. Only thing I remembered about the first was about Hiccup saving the Night Fury after being shot down and they became best buddies. Hehe. So I came into this one just with an assumption that I don't need to remember much about what happened in the first film. Apparently this is based on a book so there will be a third film as well.

Sure enough all the characters are back. This time around, the Vikings and the dragons live in harmony together, even engaging in a dragon race event at the start of the film. Hiccup has gone away to discover the vast land outside of Berk and stumbled upon a group of hunters looking to catch dragons for the villain Drago Bludvist, which he intends on building a dragon army. Wanting to set things straight, Hiccup set out to meet Drago to prevent war from happening. However, on the way, he met a mysterious vigilante who saves dragons from being captured by Drago. This turned out to be Hiccup's mother. From here on, we learn more about the characters and the adventures that ensues in bringing down Drago once and for all.

The movie might be more appealing to kids of course. It was more of what you'd already expect the message will be with animations; the importance of family, friendship etc. There were moments of laughter and sadness but I didn't think it wasn't anything fresh. Maybe it's just me. There were an abundance of characters to get to know, like Hiccup's friends and family. Each of them has their own distinguished personality. Hiccup is not your typical hero of course but his flaws made him a character we can relate to. Toothless was sometimes most of the times cute even though he is like the most feared dragon people know.

Animation-wise it is beautiful. Most of the beautiful scenes comes from the huge amount of different dragons flying around during a few scenes. Berk is now more colourful as well. During close ups, I loved how they went very detail on every character. Hiccup's scar was faint but you can still notice, just like how human's scar would look like. You can even spot his freckles and facial hair. The characters' movements are very human like so they look really natural. I sometimes forgot I'm watching an animation. 

So in all, go for the amazing animation. Be sure to bring your kids along to see their excited reaction watching the film. You'll probably enjoy that more. I'll give it a 7/10.


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