MBLAQ at K-Festival Malaysia 2014

Just this weekend we had the K-Festival happening at Pavilion KL with booths promoting Korea services as well as performances from Korea that includes traditional dances, fashion show and even artist appearance. Of course the highlight was the appearance of MBLAQ.

Salmunori performance
Hanbok costumes
I initially didn't intend to go to the K-Festival. I wasn't really a fan of MBLAQ. None of their songs are anything of my liking. Probably the only song of theirs I have on my iPod was No Love from their Love Beat album. However, I won special zone passes that will guarantee me quite good views of their performance so I thought I shouldn't pass this chance. 
Hanbok fashion show
The crowd waiting for MBLAQ
Before their appearance that evening, I manage to walk around the booths to have a look at what was offered. There's a booth on flight, hotels and tour deals at the K-Tour section. There's a section that showcase Korean culture items like clothes and food. There's a booth to have wedding photographs in Korea. There's also a K-Beauty section that even offers massage on the spot. On the stage itself at the time, there were Salmunari performance and a fashion show on Royal Hanbok that went on.

MBLAQ performing Be A Man

MBLAQ Performing Mona Lisa
The MBLAQ showcase was a very very short affair. Lee Joon was not present though. They only sang 3 songs, Be A Man, Mona Lisa and Oh Yeah. They has a bit of introduction after the 2nd song where host Baki Zainal asked them a few questions on their performance and their fans. They even said "Kita Cinta Padamu"! Then we all too a selfie before their last song. Seeing these boys in person, you're at an awe at how tall and handsome they are. Just like how you see them in the MVs. I'm even surprised at how thin Mir looks compared to his appearances on screen.

MBLAQ performing Oh Yeah

That was the K-Pop event for me this year. Thanks a lot to Korea Plaza KL for the special zone pass. Hopefully we can catch MBLAQ back in Malaysia with a proper showcase/concert. After the showcase I head out to something Korean, Tous Les Jours for some drinks and desserts.

Cakes galore ar Tous Les Jours


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