2 Comebacks I'm Excited About...

So yeah. I'm back from Korea. Sorry I didn't really do much blogging. Our itinerary was so exhaustive that we came back every day after 12am and by the time I reached for my PC, I dozed off. Anyway, today's post is about 2 comebacks I'm most excited about that's happening soon. They are from 2PM with their track 'Go Crazy!' from their new album of the same name and Teen Top with Missing from their new mini album EXITO. Hopefully their tracks are exciting and interesting as their teasers. More after the break.

2PM is trying to channel Got7 judging from the MV teaser. They were always with their beastly, manly serious image with their comeback tracks so it's refreshing to see them having fun with this. Listening to the album spoiler, I'm actually excited about the fact that the title track isn't written by JYP! Sorry, I think 2PM need a fresh sound and try something different. Jun K wrote this as well so it might turn out to be good. Another track that immediately stood out for me is She's Ma Girl. Can't wait!

I base my excitement for Teen Top solely on listening to the track in the teaser. It sounded like something I would love. Like U-KISS' Quit Playing I would say. Hopefully the whole track is good. How I wish these guys came back when I was there so that I could grab their physical albums or maybe even watch them on Show Champion.


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