Movie Review: Battleship

After the successes of the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, another popular Hasbro product is brought to life into our silver screens. Battleship is based on the game where the players guess the coordinates of their opponent's battleships and ultimately eliminating their ships. Read on after the break for my thoughts on the film adaptation of this game.

The movie's plotline centres on the Hopper brothers, Stone, who is a navy officer and Alex, who's still trying to look for a direction in his life. After attempting to attract the attention of Samantha Shane, the daughter of Stone's commanding officer and a run-in with the law, Stone forced his brother into joining the Navy. After 7 years in the Navy, Alex's wild behaviour has yet to change. At the same time all this is happening, the discovery of a new similar planet to earth has started the Beacon International Project where NASA created a satellite to try to communicate with the planet. This resulted in the planet's inhabitants to come to earth attempting to conquer it. They land in the middle of a naval exercise which included Alex and Stone. Stone's death in the battle made Alex now the highest ranking officer to command the remaining ships. From the point onwards, it's a battle for survival not only for Alex and his crew but also for everyone on earth.

When I first watched the trailer to this movie, I thought it was gonna be some B-grade sci-fi attempt at a similar Transformers movie. The reviews coming at Rotten Tomatoes weren't really favourable either. All my expectations we're dead wrong when I watched this. It was an awesome movie. Don't expect a full detailed plotlines as character developments were very minor and every one of them jumps straight into battle mode. There's nothing wrong with that as the action sequences definitely make-up for that. I have to say that the action sequences are definitely intense. You just want to root for the marines to do anything they can to fight off the aliens as they attacked with no mercy and had super powerful weapons at their disposal. The elements of the Battleship game was also present although only for a few minutes. It fits the story but not too much to bore you.

This movie's quality is definitely on par with Transformers' epicness. The villains machinery were very detailed and similar to a concept of a Transformer. Special effects will definitely blow your mind. I'm surprised this wasn't turned into a 3D feature as some of the scenes did have elements of things flying straight into your face. The landscape of the sea and the natures of Oahu weren't so scenic but that can be easily forgiven. There's also scenes of destructions in other parts where it kind of reminded you of other familiar destructions, like 9/11, Pearl Harbor and even a Titanic moment (See if you spotted them). Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna were surprisingly good in their roles as part of the marines. I would assume this is much better than his John Carter movie. Rihanna was a tough chick handling all the weaponry. Brooklyn Decker is the Megan Fox of this show and I definitely loved her in the film. Liam Neeson was a bit wasted as he didn't have any action role here. 

If you're a fan of the Transformers movies, this movie won't dissapoint. Expect to be surprised. I absolutely enjoyed it. Great movie!


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