I finally got my Nokia Lumia 920!

After holding out on the Lumia 900 and using the dated HTC Mozart 7 for the past 2 years, I finally made made the move to the new Lumia 920 released in Malaysia just a few days ago. Made a pre-order with a RM200 deposit which really makes no difference than buying it on the spot. Just that it was probably harder to get the red one and you might not get the free umbrella and pen drive. Yup, not much difference. Head on over after the break for my thoughts.

Screenshot of my Start Screen

Here are a few things I've got to say about my new phone:
  1. Max screen size I've had was 3.8 inch so it did felt huge having a 4.5 incher. Nevertheless, makes everything seen clearer.
  2. With the huge screen size and the new Start Screen, the tiles are now bigger. Even the smaller size tile doesn't feel too small. Wish it could be live though. 
  3. It might be bulky for some who are used to lighter phones or want their phones light. It was heavier than the Mozart but I was not really bothered by it.
  4. Nokia Apps are awesome. Tried out a lot of their imaging app, very fun to play with. Hopefully it becomes useful when I need it.
    1. Photobeamer makes it so easy to show your photos on another screen, as long as it has a browser.
    2. Nokia City Lens looks cool. Although I usually like to go to places I already know where it is, it might be useful when I'm travelling.
    3. Nokia Xpress is somewhat a browser that can reduce the size of the sites you visit. They even show you by how much.
  5. Camera is awesome in low light. When you look back at the photo, it doesn't feel like it was night time or a little dark when I took it.
  6. Front facing camera is not bad as I could easily fit a few people for a self capture.
  7. The glossy red version that I have is really a fingerprint magnet and slippery. I think I need to buy a case to add some grip.
  8. Windows Phone 8 makes it a lot easier transferring files from the Phone to PC. When you plug it in, it will read it as though it's a storage device and you can manage the files in it using Windows Explorer.
  9. The current client for Synching files enables you to synch with your iTunes library for music. No more separate synching with Zune software.

Yes, I still wish Microsoft could ramp up the improvements of Windows Phone. Adding more customization would be nice but then maybe they think it would run away from their concept of it being simple to use. I feel that this posts doesn't justify enough what I think about this phone. It needs to be more elaborate. Maybe I'll update this in the future.

I haven't stopped playing with it since I got it. Maybe it's common for people to be trying out stuff with their new purchases. All I have to say is that I love my new phone! Haha. Anyone interested to buy my old Mozart?


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