What R U Watchin'? - Running Man

I'm getting a bit carried away with this Korean thing. I missed it so much that I've been embracing a lot of its pop culture. I'm now listening to K-Pop, did try to watch some Korean dramas, been watching KBS World, One HD, Arirang and tvN, and now I'm obsessed with this funny show called Running Man. Read on after the break to find out what the show is all about.

The show is classified as an "urban action variety" program. The hosts together with celebrity guests will travel to a landmark and complete missions to win the race. It initially started out by locking them in a landmark and they try to win as many gold piggy banks to get out of the place. The losing team will have to stay longer and serve punishments, after having played overnight. In the later episodes, the missions varies from winning running balls, hosts vs. celebrity guests, missions based on numbers and eliminating spies. The main hosts are damn funny when carrying out the missions making the show very enjoyable. My favourite is the tall Kwang Su who has a "blur" personality, often being ridiculed by his teammates. He's mostly the one that provides the comedy. Check out some episodes that I've seen below. I saw the latest ones on TV (airs on One HD on weekends) and trying to watch the earlier episodes online. Hope you like it!

This was the first episode. The first clip introduces each hosts and the first celebrity guests.

This was the start of the very first mission. The landmark was the Times Square mall and the initial concept was to search for running man codes.

This was from the 3rd episode. From the 2nd episode their mission was to look for golden piggy banks. I thought the game in this clip was hilarious!

You can watch more episodes here.


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