"Aku Ada, Kau Ada???" Blog Contest

Ok so I'm writing this post as my entry for the contest organized by Korea Plaza Malaysia. After failing to win the Touch Korea Tour, I thought I'd try my luck with this contest. Hopefully I'll be able to score a flight ticket to Korea! 2 things I needed to write about..

1. Name two places in the movie which Tina and Nordin, who constantly clash with each other in Korea.

The first is an obvious one, Nami Island!

same right??

And the 2nd is Everland Park simply cause the scene looked theme park-ish similar to Everland! Hope I'm right on this one.

Positive it's Everland

2. If I have a flight ticket to Korea, I will...
..go to these places that I missed out the first time around and also unique places I wanna see.

First up is the Songdo International Business District in Incheon. I've always been fascinated with modern architecture and to have a whole new modern city built from scratch is like architecture playground for me. Found out about this from watching Running Man.
Songdo IBD

I also want to go these beautifully made attractions around Seoul that I missed out last time like the Namsan Seoul Tower, Banpo Bridge, Cheonggyecheon stream and parks along the Hangang River as featured in the video below.

Another place I found out about on Running Man is the Seoul Grand Park which includes the Zoo, Seoul Land Amusement Park and the Seoul Museum of Modern Art and the Gwacheon National Science Museum. I like museum that are more modern and interactive.

Maybe I'll get to see some cherry blossoms at Seoul Grand Park?

A cool experience to add is to ride on the KTX. Yeah it's been a while that I ride on a train, and to ride on one that goes at 305 KM/h, that would be an exhilarating experience. Perhaps I'll take the train to go to either Yeosu Expo 2012 or Busan.

My trip wouldn't be complete without a K-Pop experience. I'm gonna go hunt down any K-Pop artist I can find. Haha. Perhaps their management company buildings are good places to start.
Maybe Big Bang will be at YG building?

Perhaps 2PM will come out of JYP building?

Or will I meet my Tae Yeon from Girls' Generation at SM building?
There's so many places I can think of that Korea has to offer. I just wanna go there as often as I can. Hopefully I win! If not, at least I gave people some ideas of interesting places to visit when you're in Korea. ;)

buzz KOREA


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