Where to Get K-Pop Music?

Updated 27/6/12

We should always try to support our favourite acts by acquiring their music legally by either purchasing the physical CD or the digital copy so that they can continue serving us with more great music. I know we can get them at our local CD stores but I find them sometimes sold at very expensive prices, probably cause of the import duties. There's also the possibility that the CD you're looking for is not available at the store. Here are 2 3 online options, for international customers, that'll help you acquire K-Pop music legally and at a more reasonable price. Check it out after the break...


If you just want the music and don't mind not having a physical copy of the music, Soribada offers the mp3 version that you can download right after purchasing. You can either buy a single music that'll cost you between USD 0.99 to USD 1.29 or purchase the full album at a cheaper price. You'll still get a discount if you have a purchase a single song from the album and decide to get the full album later. The price is usually cheaper than those in store due to not getting any physical CD and the cool cases that comes with it. An even great offer is when you subscribe to a monthly membership plan which will give you extra credits for more purchase. The more monthly amount of plan you choose, the more extra credit you get. Availability of songs would depend on license of the song so there are certain acts that you won't be able to buy their music (ie BTOB, IU, Teen Top) but most of the major acts are available. 

27/6/12: Today, iTunes Music was officially made available for us in Malaysia and several other countries. That's been long waited. K-Pop music is also made available so you can get your K-Pop fix straight to your desktop. You can even get J-Pop releases of your favourite K-Pop acts. The difference here with Soribada is that you'll be getting it in m4a format while the former gives you in MP3. I might be wrong on this but this format is usually only compatible with iPhones/iPods. The cost I've seen so far is about USD 0.99 - USD1.29 per track. Consistent with prices of some tracks in Soribada. Albums would cost cheaper. There are even music videos that you can purchase.


Initially I used this option because I personally like buying physical CDs so that I have something tangible to associated with the money I put out. I've slowly gotten use to just getting digital copies now and use this option only to get albums that I couldn't get from Soribada and those that I'd really want to have for keepsake purpose (I like how the CD cases are of different sizes and contents. Really creative!). Each CDs usually have different versions (with Posters, Special Edition, Taiwan Edition) so you can choose which type you'd like best or just simply get the cheapest one. I would say the prices are still cheaper than CDs here in Malaysia music stores and they sometimes have discounts over a certain period. They even have free shipping for certain countries if you purchase a minimum of a certain amount (USD39 for Malaysia). If you just registered, remember to use your USD5 registration voucher upon your first purchase as you might have not noticed you have it and it expires within 1-2 months of registering (I only realized mine until I checked out. They converted mine into store credits). Also be on the lookout for more vouchers you can apply to your purchase. Check out here for coupons.

Hope this guide helps!

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